News Bits: 5/4/11 Edition

Han Ye Seul was charged with hit-and-run after an accident a few days ago at Samsung-dong, Seoul. She had struck another car near her home, but had thought that the hit was a minor thing. She didn’t ask after the other person, and so didn’t follow proper procedure. The victim had to go to the hospital, and it seems like he’s pinning the medical bill on her. I hope she resolves this case immediately and apologizes. We don’t want to see her future drama get affected by this, a la Kwon Sang Woo.

  • Another casting decision has been made for the drama You’ve Fallen For Me. Lee Hyun Jin (Assorted Gems, Family’s Honor) has been cast as a returning student to the arts university the main characters attend, named Hyun Ki Young.
  • Kang Ji Hwan in Lie To Me, showing off just how good he looks in a light monochrome outfit. What is up with the hair!?!?!?
  • Best Love has already aired…?! Ah yes – it would make sense since Royal Family already finished. Crap – I was counting on another week’s break. Crap crap crap! Anyways – this also means that stills of Gong Hyo Jin’s girl group days have been released! And I can’t tell you how hilarious it looks to see grown women going all “Aaaaah~~ pretty flowers~~! Come to meee~~” like little girls.
sources: star news, osen, DF blog, soompi

2 thoughts on “News Bits: 5/4/11 Edition

  1. The start of best love is hilarious! I laughed so much. bhwahahaha

    I also didn’t you it would air today! I got all shocked when I saw the preview for episode 2! lol

  2. Lee Hyun Jin? Woot!!! His acting was rather decent in Glory of the family. Will his character call So Yi Hyun “noona” as in Assorted Gems?
    – As long as Kang Ji Hwan does not go blonde, I’m okay with curls. ^^
    Best Love is gonna crack us up big time, undoubtedly. Yet, I can’t help but think of Jo Guk anytime Cha Seung Won appears onscreen.

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