Actress Yoo Seon Gets Married

Actress Yoo Seon finally married her boyfriend of 10 years. Long courtship, that one. He is three years older than her, and a businessman working in the entertainment industry.

They had met in 1998, but only started dating in 2001. Their wedding attracted plenty of stars, seen in the pics below.

Yoo Seon has appeared in Lobbyist, Sweet Spy, and Terroir. Her films include The Uninvited, and the upcoming Russian Coffee with Kim So Yeon.

L-R: Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Seon Kyun, Kim Joo Hyuk (her costar in Terroir), and Ji Sung. I’m disappointed that Uhm is wearing shorts (even though she’s killing the look), Lee is in sneakers, and Kim is in pants that are a tad too short. I have no complaints about Ji Sung. How could you?

L-R: Cha In Pyo, Han Ji Hye, Joo Jin Mo, Hwang Bo. Now this is a spiffed up crowd.


L-R: Shin Ji Soo (Jejoongwon), Choi Ja Hye (It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl), Park Ye Jin, Park Sun Young (The Sons of Sol Pharmacy), and Han Sang Jin (Angel’s Temptation)

L-R: Kim Sung Eun (Hometown Legends, Thank You), Park Soo Jin (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho), Jo Jin Woong (Flames of Desire, A Man Called God), Kim Suh Hyung (Giant), Ahn Yeon Hong (The Duo) with husband.


sources: hancinema, star news


2 thoughts on “Actress Yoo Seon Gets Married

  1. awwww…I’m watching Sons of Sol Pharmacy right now and loving it…I love that her costars hsowed up to her wedding…..also feeling really hot now….I’ve been getttin ver wierd reactions every time I see Lee Sun Kyun anywhere after seeing his movie Petty Romance…hehehe….wonder why…..

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