6 Actresses on 2 Days 1 Night?!

OHMYGOD – it’s what I needed to see early in the morning to wake me up.

PD Na, who’s becoming a famous character in his own right for his amazing-ness in methods of torture, is putting a new spin on things by having 6 actresses join his 6 boys during a vacation. The actresses aren’t just anyone – it’s Kim Ha Neul, Yeom Jung Ah, Choi Ji Woo, Seo Woo, Kim Soo Mi, Lee Hye Young.

Can I have the pairings to be:

Kim Soo Mi and Eun Ji Won (’cause I think it’d just be hilarious)

Seo Woo and Lee Seung Gi (duh)

Lee Hye Young and Lee Su Geun

Yeom Jung Ah and Kim Jong Min

Choi Ji Woo and Kang Ho Dong

Kim Ha Neul and Uhm Tae Woong

What would be hilarious is if they had to draw lots for these ladies. Oooh – and PD Na, can you send them on a crazy rat race again? And make sure the ladies know about the sabotage and cheating tricks you boys play? Punishment: sleeping outdoors – even the females. No one is spared.


I can’t wait for this episode to air on KBS America. I’ll probably see it in July. WAHHHH!

Until then – you should check out Kim Jong Min‘s appearance on Music Core, singing his latest single. He’s around the 11 minute mark. Hilarious. Awkward. This is the guy who’s totally from 2 Days 1 Night.

(P.S. Every time I look at the picture above, Lee Hye Young’s face scares me.)

source: allkpop


One thought on “6 Actresses on 2 Days 1 Night?!

    I love that they are not even the underlings in the industry but big named stars..what a great surprise for what has been a pretty low week…July?!…..can’t wait …this along with HP 7 pt 2 wil be like my best birthday present ever!!!!!!!!!!

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