Hello ~ I’m Mason Moon!

The mini Gu Jun Pyo

Mason Moon must be shared for all the world to see. It is an absolute crime to not feature this cute baby when 1) the pictures are on his cyworld and 2) he’s just BEGGING with his cute eyes to be seen by the world. He stole the scenes from the film “Baby and Me” – and yes for once I was not staring at Jang Geun Suk but at the baby with the wide open eyes. And yes, for the record, the baby is mixed – half Canadian, half Korean.

I think today is Baby-Day for me – considering the post about Shoo and her son.

Anyways – without further ado, I present to you, baby Mason Moon.

Edit: Some of the pictures are actually of his younger brother Maden. They look alike, and for me, all babies look alike so it was terribly confusing. Thanks minchan for the correction!

Sleepy time!

I rock the yellow wig, whatchoo talkin

Bath time!

What's that?

Huh? That's not a cookie...

Shall I pour tea for you?

Face time!

The mini Harry Potter

source: cyworld


6 thoughts on “Hello ~ I’m Mason Moon!

  1. Mason! He has two brothers that are equally cute too.
    PS: It is a very wise decision you made, to feature babies on your blog today.

  2. I am actually watching T-ara’s Hello Baby now so this post caught my attention. The Moon brothers are all cute.

  3. i’m sorry.but i think i should correct the information..that was not mason…he is maden~~mason’s second brother~~the only picture of mason is the first one~

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