So Yi Hyun Cast in You’ve Fallen For Me

So Yi Hyun has been cast in You’ve Fallen For Me. (Yes, I’m going with that title – grinning and bearing it.) She will play the dance teacher t the arts school, and the object of Jung Yong Hwa‘s affections – in the beginning.

So Yi Hyun actually has experience in dance, as jazz is her hobby, so dancing for her will not be a problem. She last appeared in Gloria as Lee Chun Hee’s object of affections, and Assorted Gems, as the second daughter of the zany family. Her character, Jung Yun Soo actually experienced a lot of grief and so channels that emotion into helping her students achieve her dream. Methinks she had a crippling injury that doesn’t let her dance as much as she’d like. Cold-hearted Musician, meet Beautiful Cripple.

source: ask actor


5 thoughts on “So Yi Hyun Cast in You’ve Fallen For Me

  1. Familiar face indeed. Althought I disliked the AG drama because I was hoping for the “American monk” to mature and their relationship as well. Alas the foreign dude did not get the Korean girl who eventually chose the spoiled mommy’s son instead. wtheck.

  2. I wonder if there’s ever been a kdrama (or any Asian drama for that matter) where the foreigner gets the Korean person over another Korean and not be a douche eventually – such as in “Tamra the island”.

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