More Behind the Scenes of 49 Days

Episodes 13 and 14 have premiered! While I’m not to sure which episodes these photos came from, it’s sweet to see Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won have a nice camaraderie off screen while being completely antagonistic on screen. Bae Soo Bin is completely endearing himself to me, and while I hate his roles (gosh darn it I wonder if he purposely picks roles where he won’t get the girl!!!), he’s so cool offscreen. I loved the Behind the Scenes clip that followed him around for a day.

In addition, there were photos of Nam Gyu Ri with her onscreen family, Choi Jung Woo and Yoo Ji In. What a sweet couple they make.

source: soompi 1, 2


4 thoughts on “More Behind the Scenes of 49 Days

  1. Oh My God! BAe Soo Bin. His expression are too funny, and CUTE! hahahhaha
    I’m for once want to see him play as a playfull character..

  2. wooow! i cannot believe this.! his so serious in 49 days and Shining Inheritance.!! it’s so awesome to know that his jolly ehind the serious mask.! and also the same with idol Lee Yo Won!!! her smiles really can lighten my day,.! wittyy!!!!

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