Jung Gyu Woon Packs on the Pounds

My cutie pie Jung Gyu Woon! Where art thou?!

Jung puts on a fat suit for his upcoming drama Romance Town, where he portrays his past self – all shy, bumbling, and big – before leaving for New York and coming back looking all fit and hot. I wonder why people go to “America” in the dramas – as if America has better plastic surgery than Korea. I kid. But going to New York will help you lose weight (although I don’t know if that drastically) because all New Yorkers ever do is walk.

Anyways, I digress. His fat suit works out way better than Kim So Yeon’s in Prosecutor Princess though, because at least his hands don’t look like foam gloves. But if you look carefully, it looks weird and inconsistent because you can see exactly where the plastic makeup ends from the discoloration between his rubber skin and his real skin.

Oh Jung Gyu Woon – you lovable bear. Because of you, I was thinking of watching Romance Town. Because of you, I think I just might tune in and see if the first episode is any good.

Aside from Lie To Me and Best Love – which are hands down the dramas I’ll be watching, the runner ups are City Hunter, Romance Town, Youthful Beauty, and Ripley. The top two contenders of the runner-ups are City Hunter and Romance Town. Which to watch?

source: dramabeans


3 thoughts on “Jung Gyu Woon Packs on the Pounds

  1. Had the same thought about his fingers, plus the suit which I usually hate – rolled my eyes with Pil Sook’s and the “200-pound beauty” movie.
    And yes, I feel like hugging my tall Teddy bear, whatever his weight or haircut, he’s just as adorable as always. *sigh*

  2. I few minutes ago I was just kidding that Park Si Yeon speaks better English just because spent a lot of time in America doing … surgeries :))
    In a way we get through dramas a glimpse of a Korean star – if done in Korea – chances to be found out are bigger than if the surgery is done in USA –
    or after a failed surgery in Korea (we’ve seen plenty) they will go to USA just because of the trust issues
    to me it looks like The Gar Far Far Away Land is just a believable reason to sudden change -any type of change

  3. It’s always a real hapiness to watch gyu woon’s drama….no doubt that he’ll be cute as ever ! (yes it’s still possible ..even after LYATT and Dr champ) …Romance town is now my priority wih Best love:)

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