News Bits: 4/27/11 Edition

Kim Kang Woo is now a father! His wife, Han Mu Young (the older sister of Han Hye Jin) gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the afternoon of April 27 (Korea time). Whaaa – married in June, and baby in April! This is one happy family indeed – congrats!

  • Rain was in town for the Time 100 dinner, and boy was he excited to see Sting. He uploaded a photo of them together on Twitter (seen here), and wrote:

“He knows me and we’re even eating together…next to him. The best person who I have liked so much since I was young. I have nothing to say. Everyone it’s Sting…OMG!!!!!!!!!!!”

The exclamation marks are all him.

  • Moon Chae Won is back in another drama. This time she will star in The Princess’s Man, a sageuk drama that’s described as a “Joseon-era Romeo and Juliet.” She plays Princess Lee Se Ryung, who falls in love with the son of her father’s enemy. Her father is out to become king, as he’s the second son, and wants to take out his nephew and his nephew’s supporters. One of those supporters is the father of Moon’s beloved. It will air after Romance Town in July. No word yet on her “Man.”
  • The Lee Jia-Seo Taiji scandal is running amok. Seriously. Now, actress Shim Eun Kyung is surrounded by rumors that she is their daughter. Uhm, I thought they already clarified that the ex-couple do not have children? All because Shim had acted as the younger version of Lee Jia in The Legend, and starred in a CF with Seo Taiji, and confessed that she was his fan that people assumed she might have been the daughter. She didn’t realize she was amidst all these rumors until she came back from her school in Pittsburg to promote her film “Sunny” in Korea. Poor girl. I’m sure her parents were shocked, and if I were them, I would have been offended.
  • Goo Hye Sun has also been affected by the scandal – she “allegedly” held an “anonymous interview” in 2008 stating that she wished to attend Seo Taiji’s high school but couldn’t because it was an all boys school, and therefore went to the nearby all girls high school. Her agency denied it, saying that she attended a high school far away from where he went. In addition, rumors swirled that she was Seo Taiji’s lover and encouraged the breakup. She is justifiably angry.
  • Oh. My. God. Sean‘s kid Harang is the cutest thing EVER! You know their kids are cute from previous photos, but honestly this is beyond adorable. Harang was in the salon for a haircut, and he ended up looking like a little Taeyang from Big Bang. It kind of reminds me how Angelina Jolie’s kid Maddox looked like when he was a little toddler himself. That boy was handsome – and he’s retained some of his cute features, but has gotten older.
  • The press conference for Youthful Beauty was held recently and Jang Nara stated that she’s been working to bring out “the middle-aged qualities” in her for the role. She plays a woman who wants to be a fashion designer and uses her younger sister’s resume to get an in with a design company. Below are some photos from the conference. Costar Kim Min Seo is wearing quite the short dress, and Jang’s hot pink dress looks so 80’s prom.

Jang Nara and Daniel Choi

Kim Min Seo and Ryu Jin

  • John Woo will be making his own version of “Titanic” – the war film “Taiping Lun.” It is based on the “Taiping Incident” in January 1949 where the steamer ship set sail exceeding maximum capacity and without navigation lights at night. (It sounds so stupid to do something like that, but it was wartime, and the Titanic was dumb enough not to have enough lifeboats.) The Shanghai court sentenced the ship’s company to make compensations, but because of the war Shanghai was liberated, the Taiping’s insurance company closed down, and the company had to make the compensation on its own – effectively bankrupting the company.

source: star news, asiae, dramabeans, asianfanatics


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 4/27/11 Edition

  1. Omo.. about Taiji and Lee scandal, wow rumors sure go crazy Oo

    Btw, the preview for ep 1 of Youthful Beauty is out ^^~~

    • hee~ daniel choi.

      jang nara’s “youthful beauty” bothers me – like, i know she should be older but she doesn’t… O_O

      you’re awesome lviih – sharing these trailers!

  2. congrats to kim kang woo & wife!

    and i dunno… how is 30s “middle-aged” for jang nara (or her character)? seriously, she’s still a good 10 years away from middle age.

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