Lie To Me Second Trailer is Out!

Thanks to a tip from lviih, here’s the second trailer for Yoon Eun Hye’s Lie To Me! Ah so cute! Yes – I’m squealing. Ridiculously. Excessively.

It’s subtitled below.

Honey! I’m here!

Didn’t you know? I’m already married.

[Text:] A quirky, free-spirited girl’s cute marriage sham!

Married? Ah Jung? To [hotel CEO] Hyun Ki Joon?

It’s true!

That’s so great! That doesn’t make any sense!

Wife? No way, that’s just a meaningless rumor.

Hear me out! Who on earth is spreading the rumors?

You – are you my “wife”?

Why Hyun Ki Joon!? Why, you silly girl!?

[Text:] You will pay the penalty for lying!

Tell the truth – you spread the rumors, right?

No, it’s not me!

Lies – Lies!

I’ll kill you.

credit: with plenty of help as well from a good friend!


4 thoughts on “Lie To Me Second Trailer is Out!

  1. Omooo, my fav part is when he yells ”kojima, kojima!” So funny! xD

    Thanks for the subtitles, was dying to know what they here telling. Just understand ‘Hobo’ and ‘kojima’ part xD

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