Behind the Scenes of Best Love

Now this drama I could get excited about! Except! What the hell is my Cha Seung Won doing in the hospital? On a wheelchair? On a gurney!?

Gong Hyo Jin seems to have a nosebleed in some of the shots. Yeah – if you caused Cha Seung Won to go to the hospital, you better be bleeding!

Unless, Cha’s character, Dokko Jin, staged the whole thing. I wouldn’t put it past him, especially after that preview trailer.



source: soompi


4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Best Love

  1. thanks for the goodies kaedejun!!!…I’m serioously going to die come May….how is it that every drama looks so appealing?!!!! (except maybe CH)

  2. Omo, I wonder if he is faking or did really get injured….

    oh yes kaede, today was the day of the teasers lol KBS just posted a teaser for Romance Town (maids):

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