Rumor Mill: The Scandal Continues with Lee Jia and Seo Taiji

I don’t know how much crazier the rumors keep going, and the scandal keep building, but it’s not going to die down. Not until Lee Jia and Seo Taiji settle in court at least. And not until everyone knows what the hell Jung Woo Sung is going to do with his lady-friend.

I last wrote a post about this, but I’ll keep this update to a short one. Frankly, I’m not too thrilled about either of their actions. I’m also amazed to find that Lee did a lot of things in the past that have now come to bite her in the ass. She truly has gall, that one, and though it’s pitiable that she’s the one taking most of the heat, she’s also kind of deserved it after all the actions she did.

After all, she pretty much just showed up from nowhere and costarred with Bae Yong Joon in what could have been considered the epic drama, The Legend.

First off, rumors swirled that Lee Jia wrote up a fanfic about her relationship with Seo Taiji under the pen name ‘Rapunzel’. Her agency, KEYEAST, denied that she did so, even though the story (revolving around the romance between Seo Taiji and a fan named ‘Jin Shea’) seemed to mirror closely with Lee and Seo’s real-life romance. Both had met in the States through a mutual friend, and after Seo announced a temporary retirement, he moved to the States and married Lee.

But she reportedly isn’t ‘Rapunzel.’ The writer had written online stories before and ‘Shea’ is a name popular among Seo Taiji fans because of their song “Sooshea.” So for this rumor? She’s cleared.

Secondly, her name has been revealed to be Kim Sang Eun, and with that information, people were able to find elementary school pictures of her before she moved to the States. It doesn’t really look like her, but honestly – who does after plastic surgery? And Lee Jia is so plastic.

With that information, they were able to locate her marriage certificate and such, and were able to locate their purchased home in Beverly Hills. (Geez! In the middle of celebrity-gossip land! Not that they were known in Hollywood, but fitting for their current status.)

Also – the connection between Bae Yong Joon and Seo Taiji has been further clarified: Bae’s current manager and Seo’s former manager are brothers. Yeah – no way in hell did he not know Lee Jia existed. Heh – I don’t know why I’m so happy to see Bae mess up his lies. Maybe because he sometimes seems too perfect, I want to see him fail. Ugh – I’m such a cynic…and digressing…My issue with Bae is for another post.

Lee Jia’s behavior in the past is now being put under a harsh light, particularly when she apparently showed up at Seo’s concert (after their divorce) to yell that she loved him. Sure, she could love him as a fan, but she also brought a lot of attention to them. And if the netizens were really wanting to get the dirt on her, they could have used that bit as ammo to break this scandal earlier. On top of that, during a talk show in 2009 (again, when they had already divorced, supposedly), she mentioned that the photo Seo uploaded onto his website was a drawing of her mascot. Uh. People are gonna wonder what your mascot is doing on his lamp that’s shaped like a heart.

And here’s the kicker – Seo is estimated to be worth $30-40 million dollars US. Lee Jia is suing for $5 million. Why won’t he give her the paltry sum? (Because she can make her own money dammit!) And why must she bring him to court, thus risking public exposure? (Because she’s an idiot, and he won’t give the money, dammit!)

This fight over money is retarded. It’s dumb. It’s ridiculous. Money is not worth your reputation, your career, your blossoming love life, your friends, your face. There are more things in life that can make you happy and/or make your life better. If you divorce someone, you can be on good terms with that person – but must you ruin each other’s lives over money? Perhaps I sound like a hippie-idealist, but honestly it’s just not worth it. Be an independent woman, Lee Jia, and get away from Seo Taiji as much as possible. Besides, Jung Woo Sung is hotter.

Speaking of which… Jung reportedly announced that he was still in love with Lee Jia. I’m sure her apology for not being upfront helped a lot in letting him proclaim such a thing. But poor guy, the news hit him out of nowhere, and he had to cancel his birthday plans (which included a dinner with Lee and some other friends). He’s like the kid in the relationship – caught between a scandal and nowhere to hide.

Speaking of kids… I haven’t read many other news sources that say she definitely has kids, which means either a) the kids are just a rumor, or b) they’re so far away and were never in Korea, that it’s hard to get anything on them. If there are kids, I am truly hoping that they will remain unscathed.

Interestingly – Seo’s albums are being sold 4 times more than usual – perhaps people are looking deep into his songs to figure out if any of them refer back to his marriage with Lee?

I also found a music video that fits their relationship, sort of. Seo Taiji’s “Juliet,” which looks like took place in the lush forests of Hawaii (very Lost-like) and has him fall in love with an ethereal girl with long hair (looking a bit like Lee Jia if you cover her face), and she’s an alien (which is what netizens call Lee Jia for just plopping down into Kdrama world with no background and no credentials)

sources: hancinema, asiae, allkpop, joinsmsn


10 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: The Scandal Continues with Lee Jia and Seo Taiji

  1. can ask why this hate 4 her?
    did she do some thing bad ?I do not mean for this scam
    But since the beginning There is hate in most of the sites
    Because changed her name?Perhaps there is a reason you do not know
    because her Acting is bad>? will they alot like her dosnt act will

    so why?
    iam not fan 4 her but iam from Middle East
    and i dont understand

  2. Like I said on allkpop. I don’t get why everyone talking bad about her and do not talk anything bad about Seo Taiji! This is so unfair. About the money thing, yes, I too think she can make her own money so I also think this battle for this little money (in comparation of how much he has) makes no sense. I mean I think has something behind it. Don’t know, maybe he betrayed her… we never know. Also if they really divorced like she said 2009 it makes sense she went to his concert to scream she loves him and all… We also can never know who really broke up the relationship, and if it was him? Imagine you met a guy who seem like a prince at such a young age, then marry him when she got 18/19, and all this years had to hide this from her family, friends, she had to love him alot to endure it, the distant relationship, the lies and etc etc…she also suffered! Or Maybe he wanted to end it and she didn’t… And in music world betrayal is so common that I think it could had happen, I think something is fishy. Also about Bae, uh ho the cat is out of the bag! LOL I also like to see he isn’t too perfect.

  3. Gosh I hate her acting!
    But as a woman I feel like she is the victim here:
    to her it was denied any human right in that marriage and when she was free from it she gets all the blame
    why did she made public her relationship with JWS? coz she didn’t want t make the same mistake twice and to be denied her right to happiness – still we deny her this much – a normal relationship and the right to live her life as a normal woman – I guess this happens when u get Korean Brad Pitt – if Seo Taiji would made public his marriage – she would already been through all this 14- 15 years ago – I can’t blame her or even STJ that they had somewhat a peaceful life- as much as hiding abroad can be called peaceful

    This time we can see that even westerners tend to treat divorced women like dirt – so this much about human rights and women freedom

    so my question for knetizens is that when they go to visit their new-born friend and see the kid is ugly what would they tell to the parents? your kid is ugly?!?!?!?! I bet not! all u can hear is squeals that the kid resembles with papa or mama or how cute – this is called social lie – and this time for them to survive socially (c’mon 40 mil dollars ain’t survival anymore)

    I don’t think Seo TaiJi’s wealth worth 30-40 mil – maybe after all these sales
    over the years he spent a lot of them (specially with lawyers at divorce) and we don’t know if he didn’t already give her a part of the money – my bet is that his wealth at the time of divorce was estimated at a bit more than 11 mil dollars – it doesn’t matter the math done by knetizens but the estimation made by Korean state – she can’t ask more than it is specified in the papers

    legally speaking it is her right to ask money from him – those are money earned during their marriage – in general almost every country in this world gives a share of the money earned during the marriage to the counterpart
    she started to earn money after divorce or at the end of the marriage
    all these stories about her fangirling her hubby – my bet it is that she did her part to keep her marriage going on even in the middle of divorce as a good korean wife – however she gets the blame even for this

    JWS? even he knew about it he can’t tell – he has an image to preserve – and he was a good guy when he recognized the relationship – so why is he caught in the middle? coz netizens just married Lee Jia to Seo TaiJi -that’s why – ppl can’t understand that the divorce is old and the money suit ain’t a divorce

    kids I would blame her if she recognized the kids – they would be first to suffer in this mess – knetizens would blame them coz they are alive and hunt them down in safari trips to USA – they don’t need it coz I don’t think they are older than 13 – so what if they have kids? WHat if this would happen to ur kid? what would u do? put their faces on the web with a target on their pic? or keep them low profile hidden from the media?

    I don’t think Lee Jia makes so much money – even the wages would be a bit high – the agency gets a share, taxes are another share and so on

    plastic surgery? who gets recognition in this field looking like a country girl? or a lil worse? – they get rid of the big jaw line, cut the nose and double eyelids and voila a new person – sometimes they get it right -sometimes it makes it worse

    these days surfaced a pic of Seo Woo in 2005 – it is her – but it is a pic before getting her jawline round (it was a bit too square) and get her eyes a lil bit closer – 2 minor interventions – one is an injection with botox in the jaw muscles and the other one her inner corners of the eyes cut just a tiny lil bit – her upper lip it is uneven so it is a must some collagen or hyaluronic acid (even 5 years ago SW looked so plastic and I don’t think she had done before more than a double eye lid surgery- btw her nose looks untouched-it is weird from mother nature)

    tell me if these 2 girls would have even come near a set of a kdrama if they wouldn’t look as they look these days – to have projects an actress must look as it is specified in producers standards – not even Yoon-sama’s lobby would won her role if she looked like in the pic above ( I bet some knetizens will blame Seo Taiji’s taste in women – however ain’t the only celebrity who really likes normal girls – normal behavior, normal looking-btw my bias NMW says that he likes girls that look a bit chubby a la Shin Bong Sun ,so anything that means normal life – even though they can’t live a normal life – is their anchor to sanity

  4. so she changed her name her face her past life and all of this to be famous she has zero talent she got roles she didnt deserve how is she a victim I dont get it she wanted fame so badly she cheated but of course its nothing new in my country its been done over and over again and they are super stars but I despise this kind of ppl cause alot of talented actors who work like hell and who beg for roles are put on the side by ppl like this woman who used her secret marriage to make it big duh btw she was a candidate to play the lead in the upcoming sbs sageuk even though she is ten years older than the hero and even though her face is weird and she cant act but her connections are strong thats how things work in korea

    • chill darling Korea ain’t the single place where the things work like that. Are u from Romania? or Russia? coz even in USA it is called lobby or recommendations

      second Legend and Beethoven Virus did very well when it could be a flop just because she was in it – I rarely watch dramas which have actors I dislike -or I just ff their scenes – nobody forces u to buy the stuff she endorses or watch her dramas – yet u did
      as far as I know she never had a drama with one digit ratings
      look dramas with way more talented ppl than she is were big flops in Korean market : Worlds within, Crime Squad, Thorn Birds – with Han Hye Jin + Joo Sang Wook , President with Choi Soo Jong even Road No1 with So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul, or even MSOAN – where 4 big korean talents were wasted
      of course talent matters but what would u do if u were jobless without a penny ? and with a ton of friends in the entertainment? would u stay at home to die from hunger and write fanfictions (which worth zero dollars) or take the life as it is and work hard to make the best of it? coz this is the way she looks to me – she made everything in her powers to recover from divorce and do something with her life

      it is way easier to condemn her and treat her nasty rather than trying to read between the lines – another name? why not? Lee Jia-ah sounds better than a dull Korean Name that it is already used by a senior actress – in USA actors guild doesn’t allow 2 actors with the same name – so would she use exactly the same name? Duh!!! that’s why is called stage name ! why should I care whom she f*** at home? while ain’t on my screen ? even I don’t like her acting there are way more popular actresses and actors whom I dislike to bits Kang Ji Hwan, So Ji Sub, Yoon Eun Hye,Park Jin-hee or Lee Beom-soo however I won’t tell ever that they are worthless – they aren’t on my taste – so what? u love them ! that’s enough for production teams to pick them
      there are lots of idols who can’t act even as half as Lee Jia however they are paid for it – so u name it connections? if Seo Taiji market value has grown – how do u think about Lee Jia ? anyhow she works just in a drama /year or 2 years – 10 years difference with the co-star – are u sure she wasn’t just used to create the buzz? or Kim Bum? in Royal Family the same difference works just fine – in The Woman who still wants to marry – I loved it and so on! Michael Douglas is older than Catherine Zeta Jones with 25 years – so only the guys are allowed to be pedo? and this is real life and not a movie ! I can’t understand why ppl can’t make the difference between movie and real life! what if this would happen to them? even in a scale 10000 smaller than this?

  5. Any woman who leaves a marriage without her share of community property is a bonafide idiot. Especially one who had to keep her marriage hidden for so many years because her husband is a superstar. If he really is worth $30 million then he’s one hell of an asshole for not giving her $5 million if that money was earned during the course of their marriage. If there are stories of infidelity and what not, then it’s a different story even though she should still get it.

    Being an independent woman doesn’t mean you should be an idiot. I hope the courts rule in her favor.

  6. The story is so creepy~~ according to fan fic YG had an actress girlfriend who liked Liked Seo Taiji~
    in a real news article :YG’s ex was a tv/movie actress Kim, Eun Jung. Their 10 year relationship ended in 2002. She got married soon after? IN Beverly hills to a korean businessman she met while visiting the US ( like she does in fanfic with YG, she goes back and forth following seo tai ji for awhile? YG wrote an angry song about the ex , the lyric says “after you i don’t trust women blah blah”) and one of the guests were Jung Hye Young, who is now wife of Sean of Jinusean. Sean is mentioned in the fanfic along with other YG crew.
    So if fanfic is based on true story: YG, Sean, Sean’s wife, YG’s ex knew of the Seo Taiji plus Lee ji-ah.
    Anyways Taiji and Lee Ji ah are creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. there’s is no one to blame either taiji or ji ah…i dun like ur sentences “Besides, Jung Woo Sung is hotter.”…..
    sorry seo taiji is 10000000x times hotter than him….no offense….and this is song that ji ah wrote and sing it for taiji released in 2010……this song kinda tell story between them…and from what i heard, its ji ah who want a divorced, not taiji…but still its they life after all…i loved taiji wit ji ah more…TAIJIAH FIGHTING….even both of u already divorced , i think there’s still a part of ur heavy heart still love each other right?,who would ever forget they 1st love right?….…..he’s amazing……and sorry for bad english…

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