News Bits: 4/25/11 Edition

Tang Wei and Hyun Bin. Let's forget the laughing lady in the middle.

Oh. My. God. It’s spring! SPRING!

That means romance is in the air! And also allergies.

Hyun Bin was granted a few days leave before he officially starts his marine-military duty. I have never heard of that/knew that they could do that. Anyways – it just so happened his leave coincided with Tang Wei’s visit to Korea. Tang Wei was his costar in the film Late Autumn,” and she had arrived as a guest for the final screening of the film in Seoul. Rumors started that Hyun Bin and Tang Wei were secretly dating, and that she visited to coincide with his leave. However, both sides’ managements have denied the matter. Apparently, Tang Wei’s visit was a surprise and planned last minute. Hyun Bin only had dinner with friends, including Jang Dong Gun, and planned to spend the rest of his break with family.

Good – because honestly, Hyun Bin-oppa, you need to stop hooking up with co-stars. Unless it’s Ha Ji Won – then I approve.

  • T-ARA member Hyomin posted up a photo of her on her “date” with Eunjung on Twitter. She exclaimed that she was stealing Eunjung from We Got Married to go on a date in Hongdae. It’s so sweet – but what really got my attention was how pretty Eunjung is. Gosh – yes, I’m shallow. I admit it. But really – she seems like such an awesome person…

  • Go Hyun Jung is now an author. She recently published a book (with a co-author) on her beauty secrets. Gosh yeah, I’m sure everyone wants to know how she keeps her skin milky white and looking all dewy all the time. The title is called “Go Hyun Jung’s Texture.” If it sounds weird, it’s ’cause it’s translated.
  • Need a 49 Days fix? I know someone in my home who desperately needs one… and no, it’s not me. Really! It’s not! Anyways – check dramabeans for the soothing voice of Jo Hyun Jae, who kindly contributed to the 49 Days OST.
  • Ethan Ruan was set to star in the martial arts film Guillotines, but a recent issue with getting permits to film in mainland China have delayed the shoot. The film was supposed to start production in April, but for now, Ruan is stuck in Taiwan.
  • Lee Yeon Hee looks ethereal and graceful in a photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. Yes – more of this please, rather than that disheveled, clumsy girl of Da Ji in Paradise Ranch. Ick. Can you believe she’s been acting for 8 years?!

  • Aaaand finally – a good ol’ lesson in Filipino courtship, courtesy of Mikey Bustos. I told you, love is in the air! You need to get your lessons! (I love how he sings “Just the Way You Are” with a Filipino accent!)

sources: asiae, dramabeans, cpopaccess, allkpop


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 4/25/11 Edition

  1. as Lee Min Ho stated in an interview it is really hard for actors to meet ppl outside their branch – so they have 2 choices : arranged dates or date with co-stars or the make-up girl who often is already married with children. somehow I believe it is not that safe to date girls who don’t have the slightest idea of what celebrity means and end up like Lee Jia and Seo Taiji -huge scandal AFTER all the swords were buried or better in the middle of marriage discussions

    however Hyun Bin’s taste about women – face it we can’t change it and we can’t change the way he feels in certain circumstances (single with a gorgeous woman in NY – I know I wouldn’t )

  2. Eunjung’s really pretty even in a tomboy look. It’s nice seeing a glimpse of who she is in WGM. She seems like a great girl.

    First time to see any Mikey Bustos video like that, funny and I guess spot on!

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