News Bits: 4/22/11 Edition

Poster shoot for Lie to Me.

‘Nuff said.

  • I wanted to write this bit up before, but lots of things took precedence. 34-year-old Japanese actress Koyuki (“The Last Samurai”, Kimi wa Petto) recently got married to 26-year old actor Matsuyama Kenichi. Call it fate, but Koyuki had replaced Rinko Kikuchi in the film “Kamui Gaiden,” and that’s how they met three years ago. They had actually gotten married on April 1, but delayed the announcement due to the March 11 earthquake. I’m amazed; it’s Koyuki! The ever face of serene career woman (in my head)! She’s married!
  • Here’s a teaser for “Love Girl” by C.N. Blue. It’s certifiably fun and cute. The song is part of their “fan appreciation album” called “First Step +1.” There will be four tracks, and released on April 26. I love how pathetically four grown boys try to hide in a small cramped kitchen.
  • 49 Days is becoming quite the juggernaut – it’s ratings rose to 12.9% this week, quickly catching up to Royal Family, which had 13.1%. The story is quickly progressing, and I saw a little bit of the episode 12 spoiler BUT I have not seen it yet. Can’t wait though! I have seen up to episode 11, and am truly glad that the rules in the supernatural world are changing. Unfortunately, Jung Il Woo injured his nose on a recent shoot and was taken to the hospital. Since he had to resume filming immediately, he could not get it properly treated. It may affect his appearance in future episodes. 😦 Jung’s got quite the prominent nose, if I may say so myself…
  • Finally! A glimpse at the serious Park Min Young on the set of City Hunter. I was starting to wonder when she was going to look like a bodyguard – and ta da! I still say she looks a tad fragile, but she sure is bad ass-looking in pinning a guy down. I did think that Lee Jia looked too tiny for being a bad ass spy, but she proved that she could do the stunts.

 Ahhh! Must not remind myself of her! Every time I think of her name recently, I think of her scandal! Ahhhh!


source: soompi, asianfanatics, allkpop


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 4/22/11 Edition

  1. seriously park min young doesnt look threatening at all to me but realistic has nothin to do with kdramas
    btw can you tell me if this new weekend drama is a regular one or just a special its called ‘지지않는 여자’ or the woman who never loses

  2. Kenichi Matsuyama got married?!!!!!….Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!……..but he’s so young!……..while the fangirl half of me is both stunned and dismayed, the more the rational half is glad that he chose Koyuki whom I loved in KWP and wishes him a very happy marriage….*off to make a voodoo doll*

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