Lee Bo Young Cast in New Drama

This is a post for sandy, who had asked me if the drama 지지않는 여자 (or, The Woman Who Never Loses) is the real thing or just a special.

I think it’s the real thing, although several news reports are calling it a ‘weekend special.’ Whether they mean that the drama is special or the drama is just a special, I don’t know.

Lee Bo Young was announced by the production company to take on the lead as a 20-something divorcee who struggles and eventually succeeds in her endeavors. The drama has also been described as a “candy-type story” – someone who has a lot of personal/financial troubles and yet manages to stay bright and cheery in life. Ugh – Lee Bo Young, you can do better than this!!!

I doubt it’s a drama special, as no way in hell would a broadcast company allow for two episodes when they can milk in on twenty episodes of angst, drama and good overcomes evil kind of story. But whether it’s a special or not, the base line is this – Lee Bo Young is back on TV!

The drama is set to air after Can You Hear My Heart on MBC.

source: daum, asiae, joinsmsn


3 thoughts on “Lee Bo Young Cast in New Drama

  1. thanks dear you are a sweetheart and yes I am so disappointed about this actually I hope its a special it sounds so ordinary and the writer and director are awful but I sort of understand her I have been following her for sometime I even talked to her once shes got so much potential she can be natural and deep just like she was in HV but they dont offer her good roles and I guess she has to be on screen so she wont just disappear with all those actresses who are far more popular than her but I wish she waited alittle for better stuff anyway I still hope this is just a special afterall cause the word special means only special drama I THINK and if it IS just a special why would she accept it unless she is desperate to act poor girl maybe she is tired of sitting home waiting for ji sung ^^

    • but i think that it’s such an ordinary story that it WILL be a drama. we’ve had so many of these stories – It’s Ok Daddy’s Girl, Youthful Beauty, and Shining Inheritance to an extent. it’s so common that i’m sure they could easily make another one. we shall see~!

      love that you ended your comment with “she is tired of sitting home waiting for ji sung” 😛

  2. thank you kaedejun. I really love Lee Bo Young since watch her in HArvest Villa…… Can’t wait for her new drama!!

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