The Tiger Cub Rawrs!

OK – in case you don’t know it yet, I am a fan of Amy Chua. She’s hilarious.

I didn’t expect her eldest daughter to be hilarious as well.

Sophia Chua-Rubenstein started her own blog, which I sincerely hope she will continue updating every so often. She’s only written four posts so far, but each one has been humorous and informative in giving a sneak peek into her life. They’re both similar in that they’re sarcastic and witty, but also have a great sense of humor. Plus, both are definitely writers.My personal favorite post is about her trip to the Chinese restaurant with her family.

Based on some of her posts, she knows she’s famous, and she knows that people are interested in her blog/family – so she’s milking it. I won’t say it’s very self-centered of her per se, although if I knew people like that I would be annoyed at them. (I would probably find myself annoying, as my 2011 April Fool’s post felt a bit self-indulgent, or self-absorbed.) However, one reason why I don’t think it’s too bad is because she’s offering a very frank view into her life. Though she’s controlling what we can see (or read), she’s still open enough to share. Plus, I’m sure that if anyone is pissed and annoyed at the infamy, they’re gonna want to speak up; and these days, it’s so much easier to respond publicly.

Plus, on a very shallow note, can I just say how friggin’ pretty I think she is?

source: the tiger cub


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