SCANDAL: Lee Jia and Seo Taiji’s Secret Marriage

I never thought there would be a secret marriage in Korean entertainment world. I thought Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi‘s secret marriage was crazy, but now it’s Lee Jia and Seo Taiji. The actress and the rocker. Not to mention, Lee Jia is currently dating Jung Woo Sung.

This is like, (Brangelina + CharRon) x Epic Scrutiny.

UPDATE: Read here for the official statement from KEYEAST.

Apparently, the two of them met and and married back in 1997. That skews previous claims of her being born in 1981 because it would have made her 16 at the time of her marriage. (Funny how people were already trying to dig up her past then.) Sources say that Lee Jia was actually born in 1977, and therefore was 20 at the time of her marriage. Either way, their marriage might have been a common law one and not that legal.

They already divorced a few years ago in the States, but it’s arguable as to when. Seo claims that they divorced in 2006 (well before she became famous with her appearance in The Legend alongside Bae Yong Joon), but she claims it was in 2009. The reason why the year of divorce is so important is because one cannot sue for alimony or asset division (as these recent court dates have been about) if more than three years have passed since the divorce. Though they mutually divorced, they didn’t reach a good divorce settlement.

What’s a killer is that they have two daughters together. I personally would like to know what happened to the children. I’m assuming they’re living in the States, perhaps with their grandparents? I highly doubt they would be in Korea, and I’m pretty sure Lee had them before she became an actress, or else this secret would have been in the news a lot earlier. (Edit: The children are rumored to exist.) The only reason the news leaked out was because a court date was leaked to the public.

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5 thoughts on “SCANDAL: Lee Jia and Seo Taiji’s Secret Marriage

  1. This was so crazy. I was up last night when DB posted about it & we all went berserk over the news. It boggles my mind that a star celebrity like Seo was married and they were able to keep it under wraps for 13-14 years! That’s pretty ridiculous!

    Oh, and what about speculations that the news was leaked to divert the public’s attention on the manipulation of stocks by the Korean President? Dang, dramatic much?

  2. no wonder I always thought she looked old but I dont understand all the fuss afterall she is a bad actress and not that popular guess she will get more fame becuse of this in korea it all about the media

  3. I want to know the reaction of JWS! too bad for him if he’s completely unaware of this.He’s been cheated!!!! OMG!!! But dont’ worry Oppa, we’re always here to support you no matter what.

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