A Preview of Best Love

OHMYGAWD – I think I wanna watch this drama more than ever.

Here’s a preview of Best Love, or Greatest Love. Below is a translation of the preview. It’s so cute! And I love seeing Cha Seung Won smiling more. I think it’s still a litle weird, but hey – more work for him to convince me that he can do it!

(I didn’t catch the first line Cha whispers, but the rest were translated with the help of two good friends!) (translation with the help of blue, and two good friends!)

“I’m going to kill you.”

“Hello everyone! I’m Dokko Jin!”

[Text: National heartthrob Dokko Jin]

“Even if I’m no longer popular, people still know who I am.”

“I’m still a national treasure!”

[Text: National treasure girl Go Ae Jung]

“I’ll just…*hwaaack!*”

“Hello kids!”

“You’re busted.”

“You…are the king of jerks.”

[Text: Romance with the national treasure coming soon!]

I love how Yoon Kye Sang‘s appearance pretty much has him doused with water, and Yoo In Na has already got “bitchy girl” role down pat. A look into their rehearsals can be found here.

source: youtube and hancinema


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