You’ve Fallen For Me to Change It’s English Title?

Yep – you read that right!

As if changing the Korean title wasn’t enough, now a poll is being held to change the English title. I will admit that it might be purely a promotional thing, but hey, if I can influence the title, then why not!?

As you all know, the title went from 페스티벌 (Festival) to 넌 내게 반했어 (You’re Into Me/You’ve Fallen for Me). But that’s the Korean title, and the title we’re referring to it is the translation of those Korean titles.

The English title does not have to be exactly the same, and a user already suggested “A Song of Love” or “The Music of My Life.” (Sounds very melodramatic, but it also fits the drama.)

The voting can be found here, and it’ll end after a week. So vote now! (Hint: vote for Festival! Lol.)

Oh – and, You’ve Fallen For Me will be airing on June 29, with a simulcast on DramaFever, subbed.

source: dramafever


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