Park Ji Yoon Joins Cast of ‘Lie to Me’

Oh – that’s not Park Ji Yoon – that’s Kang Ji Hwan shooting a scene for the drama. A fan spotted him at the National Gugak Center (a performing arts center) and posted the photo on Twitter. Good going gal! Share the goodies with the rest of the world!

Besides – it’s the elusive Kang Ji Hwan. We’ve been getting photos left and right of Yoon Eun Hye, but so little of him!

 But on to Park Ji Yoon. The singer/actress is going to star as Kang Ji Hwan’s high school friend and manager of H Hotel. (Another friend of Kang. For a guy who’s supposedly kinda cold, he’s got lotsa friends…) Her character is supposedly a calm, career-oriented kind of woman – very different from the more flustered-looking Gong Ah Jung.

Perhaps she will be a love rival for Kang Ji Hwan’s affections, though I doubt that she’s going to play a very large influence. If she cares about work more than love, I don’t think she’ll push very hard in competing for his love – but she will probably be very concerned about his attentions towards Ah Jung.


source:, twitter


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