News Bits: 4/19/11 Edition

Spy seduces spy – and gets rejected for a fridge!

That’s the plot of the new CF for LG Dios smart refrigerator, starring new spokespeople Jung Woo Sung and Kim Tae Hee. OK, maybe not really – but Jung is trying to seduce Kim, and she’s rejecting him ’cause he’s taken she likes the fridge better. CF below!

  • Hyun Bin has finished his marines training and been assigned to the Marines’ 6th Brigade on Baenyeong Island. He was going to be in the public relations department but instead was assigned to combat duty. Perhaps this means the end of constant news reports on what he’s doing? He has been quite the face of the Marines, giving it immense publicity, but I’m also thankful that by sending him to a sparse island, he can be a real soldier.
  • Promising model Kim Yuri has committed suicide by ingesting poison. She seems to have been suffering from depression, based on her posts on her homepage. She was considered the most promising model with contracts with high end brands and appearing in plenty of fashion shows. It’s quite sad that she had to feel so much pain that she found death an escape.
  • Here’s some eye candy though! Song Seung Hoon, Yoon Sang Hyun and Song Joong Ki appear in a CF for a microwavable dish for Son Soo. They’re hosting a contest from April 16 to May 31 where the three stars will visit the winning entrant’s home and cook for them in person. Cuuuute. Read here for a full translation of what happens in the CF.
  • Here’s the headline that made me cry NOOOOOOO! : “MatsuJun spotted with Mysterious Woman.” Honestly I didn’t even want to read the article but I had to know who Matsumoto Jun was doing. He was spotted by NewS member Keiichiro Koyama walking around with a woman – who turned out to be his mother! (Lemme tell ya’ I totally breathed a sigh of relief.) They greeted each other, and Jun-kun even introduced his father.
  • “IRIS the Movie” was not quite as good as its series (which isn’t saying much) since it was just a recut of the entire series with a twist ending. But now, You’re Beautiful is getting the same treatment, albeit only for Japanese theater screens. The 16-episode series will be compressed into a movie and shown in 60 theaters from May 6 to 19. Diehards – start purchasing tickets!
  • After Wu Zun dropped out of Absolute Boyfriend, rumor has it that his group-mate Jiro Wang will be filling in his shoes. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, since Jiro is shooting a film on the mainland, but the news hasn’t been denied either…
  • Rainie Yang‘s new drama Love You garnered high ratings on its Sunday night premiere, peaking at 4.43% and garnering the highest ratings for a premiere. (To compare, its prequel Fated to Love You had a 2.56% rating on its premiere, but went as high as 10.91% during its run). That’s pretty respectable, considering that most dramas average around a 2-4% during its entire run. Anything about a 4.5% is already noteworthy; something in the 6-8% is like “Wow – this was popular!” So Fated to Love You was, well – fanatical.
  • Song Chang Ui of theater and Life is Beautiful fame is joining the cast of You’ve Fallen for Me. (Yes, I’m using that title.) Based on this article, he seems to be playing the character Kim Seok Hyun, who is a teacher at the arts college.
  • And finally – Qri, who shares some behind the scenes photos on the set of King Geunchogo, notably of Eunjung asleep.
source: allkpop, asianfanatics, cpopaccess, nate, asiae


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