Jung Il Woo Suits Up in 49 Days

I think the world wants me to laugh, comment, and gasp at the clothes and behind the scenes of dramas this week. Everything I see are behind the scenes pictures of upcoming or currently airing dramas that I have to just comment on.

Based on that pensive look, I think Jung Il Woo would agree.

"Dancin' Queeeeen~ Young and sweet~ only twenty-threeee~"

"I crack MYSELF up!"

"YAYYYY! Let's Go! Yi Kyung!"

Studiously at work…

And now, I warn you – protect your eyes!!

My first thought was : “What the hell?! Capri pants?!” But as I kept looking at it, I had to admit – Jung Il Woo can pull it off. He’s young, trendy, and I can expect this crazy outfit from him. (Try putting Cha Seung Won in this and I will REVOLT!) I won’t say it’s a nice, cute outfit (too matchy-matchy for me, and men in capris like that is a tad weird), but I have settled into accepting this outfit. I liked it better when he was in his motorcycle outfit.

Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyu Ri were also shooting their scenes at a park/pond that reminds me of a scene in Prosecutor Princess episode 14, where Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo have their insanely sweet photo-taking session.

source: soompi


3 thoughts on “Jung Il Woo Suits Up in 49 Days

  1. Also, I know you’re busy and all, but, do you have plans of helping JB recap some of May’s dramas? I really like your recapping style. You even made Athena sound great 🙂 I really hope you pick up one of them shows airing in May.

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