News Bits: 4/18/11 Edition

Dream High is going gritty.

A new drama called Big Hit (or Big Heat) will be airing on April 21st through E Channel, a cable channel. The 13-episode series seems to be like a mockumentary in the sense that it follows a four-member idol group called “Big Hit” from its debut to its promotional process. The drama will also delve into controversial issues such as idol contracts. I hope that means this drama will be more gritty and realistic than that of You’re Beautiful or Dream High (which by the way, I saw a grand total of ten minutes of some episode on TV – and it centered around how Eunjung’s character came forward about being raped by some CEO or something).

The unique factor about this drama is that two of the cast members are actually training to debut in the music industry later this year; in a way, it’s as if we’re really seeing them go through the process. The cast is completely new: Kim Joo Young, Oh Song, Choi Ara, Jo Sung Wook, and Jo Sung Woo. Amazing if this drama spawns big stars in the future.

  • Jang Geun Suk was named the most influential Korean artist at the 15th China Music Award and Asian Influential Awards last Friday. The event took place in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and the award show is supposedly quite prestigious. He won the award after collecting over 100,000 votes in a poll. Can’t deny the popularity of Hwang Tae Kyung.
  • Jin Akanishi is going Hollywood! He will star in “47 Ronin” a film directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and also starring Keanu Reeves. The film is meant to be a 3D retelling of the 47 samurai who avenge their master’s honor. The film will also include Sanada Hiroyuki (“The Last Samurai,” “Rush Hour 3,” Lost), Shibasaki Kou (Ooku alongside Kazunari Ninomiya, “Battle Royale”), Asano Tadanobu (the upcoming film “Thor”, “Mongol”), and Rinko Kikuchi (already a familiar face from “Babel”). Jin Akanishi will play the son of Sanada, and a friend of Keanu Reeves’ character (who is a half-Japanese outcast). The film is slated for a 2012 release.
  • “Paradise Kiss” the live-action movie will be released on June 4, but before that, a spin-off mobile series called “Paradise Kiss: After School” will be made available starting May 6. It’s a four-episode series set to release every Friday. The film stars Kitagawa Keiko as the lead Yukari, Mukai Osamu as her love interest George, and Oomasa Aya as her best friend Miwako. I remember this for its anime series, of which I gobbled up when I was first introduced to it.

One thought on “News Bits: 4/18/11 Edition

  1. Ha! Keanu Reeves is mentioned in a drama blog=) I love him!! Anyway, 47Ronin has actually been filming for some time now. I remember Mr. Reeves being on The Graham Norton Show talking about some of the filming. BTW, if you don’t know about GNS, this will convince you otherwise:

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