News Bits: 4/15/11 Edition

The poster for Best Love is out! And oh my goodness – Yoon Kye Sang is yummy! I feel like he’s rocking a Park Shi Hoo vibe here (hence my attraction?!) Gong Hyo Jin is cute with her whimsical pose, and Cha Seung Won is…well, that man needs a serious lesson in learning how to let go.

He’s done it again, and we’re not surprised.

  • That’s the quote that starts the TIME article, which states that Rain won once again in the Time 100 Poll. He had 406,252 “influential” votes, and 33,813 “not influential votes.” In second place was Jay Chou. OMG – two Asians winning the top two spots in this poll!?!?!?!!? Not only am I proud, but so would Amy Chua! After all – you have to be the best and nothing but the best, right? Susan Boyle came out third, Buddhist monk and Chinese “Mother Teresa” Cheng Yen was fourth, and President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa came in fifth. The full results are here. Others to note are Beyonce (6), Chris Colfer from Glee (7), Sarah Palin beating Michelle Obama (29 versus 30), and Hilary Clinton over Barack Obama (42 versus 46). Amy Chua ended up in 202nd place, right before Kanye West, who was in last place.
  • Eric Mun revealed plans to release his new mini album at the end of 2011. Keeping busy eh, since Poseidon has been put into limbo? This will be his first in three years, after his military service.
  • Kim Jeong Hoon is another singer/actor out of the military, and his comeback acting project is an action film, where he is the protector of Queen Seon Duk (played by Yoon So Yi) in a promotional movie for Gyeongju World Culture Expo. He will also star in the tvN drama I Need Romance with Jo Yeo Jung, a drama about the love lives of twenty-thirty-something year olds. It’s like “My Black Minidress” and “Sex and the City” collided and produced this drama.
  • Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee is back! And of course she’s using the iPad 2 to show off her cover of Ke$ha’s “TikTok.” I like her acoustic version, but I’m more impressed with how musically talented she is on technological instruments, as well as real ones.
source: ockoala, allkpop, asiae, dramabeans, Time

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