News Bits: 4/14/11 Edition

Wonder Girls have pretty much disappeared from my mind; if they came out with a new single, I don’t think I was very interested in it. Their activities in the US have certainly made them stray far from the K-pop scene in Korea, and yet their photo spread in Teen Vogue labels them as “queen bees” of K-pop. It’s all marketing, I tell ya.

I think it’s the make-up, but it’s sad to see how much these girls have aged – they look far older than I think they should be.

  • Lee Seon Kyun and Kim Min Hee have been cast in the film “Help,” where Lee plays a police inspector who must look into the disappearance of his relative’s fiancee (Kim). It’s through this investigation that he realizes how much the people around him are in debt. I’m assuming this is a sad melodrama, rather than a melo-thriller. Kim’s picture in the article though is enough to give me the creeps. Photoshop much?!
  • Rain has said that he’s actually looking forward to his enlistment and has no fear that his popularity will wane during his 2-year military service. He was able to defer his enlistment until the end of 2011, so until then he’s got a film to finish (“Red Scarf”), and a concert tour starting on May 22.
  • It’s Han Ye Seul’s turn to become a spy! She will star in the drama Myung-wol the Spy, which will air after Baby Faced Beauty in July on KBS. She plays Han Myung Wol, a North Korean spy who falls in love with a Hallyu actor. Huh. She’s also said to have the odd quirk where her curiosity gets the better of her. So “curiosity really kills the cat” eh? It’s said that the drama is meant to be more fun and romantic-comedy type than an action drama. Reminds me of My Sweet Spy, but I hope this will be waaaay better.
  • This is a cute video that Seung Ri took of his hyungs T.O.P. and Taeyang. They were playing around at the Daemyung Resort, riding on those little animal car rides. Too funny watching grown men on toys half their size…
  • Here’s a pic of Kim Myung Min in the film “Pacemaker,” where he plays a marathon runner who runs at a certain pace, but wants to break it with the help of Ahn Sung Ki. Go Ara also stars as a pole jumper. I just think it’s hilarious Kim is running around with a chicken helmet. 😀
  • Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang‘s new drama (Drunken to) Love You is airing on April 17, and already a photo has been released to increase the hype. Rainie Yang’s character accidentally spills coffee on Joseph Chang’s lap, prompting her to dry his pants – with her hands! If she is going to be this bumbling and awkward, I think I’m gonna tune in to this drama… 😀
source: allkpop, asiae, dramabeans, cpopaccess, asianfanatics

One thought on “News Bits: 4/14/11 Edition

  1. LOL @ Big Bang vid! So cute. 🙂

    That link to Rainie Yang’s new series has this:
    “If I pour a hot one, he might get burnt. I’m worried that it’ll impact Joseph’s reproduction ability, I hope Joseph’s mom won’t blame me.”

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