Sign: Episode 14

So – why did Da Kyung scream!?

a) She found something frighteningly horrible (dust bunnies, the horror!)

b) She met the killer (old man? young child?)

c) She wanted to practice her vocal chords (screaming is a good exercise)

d) It’s a trick question – she didn’t really scream. Ji Hoon just imagined it.

Well of course, the episode starts off with Yi Han waiting outside the girls’ shower room, while the guards go in to get Soo Jung. Another female inmate exits the bathroom calmly, and Yi Han only gets a glimpse of her.

The guards freak out at the sight of Soo Jung’s fallen body.

Back to Da Kyung: Ji Hoon enters the room and discovers that she has found the corpse. It’s the former proprietor of the inn Ji Hoon is staying at, a Mr. Kim. That means the new proprietor is lying to them.

“So you found him.” Ji Hoon and Da Kyung wheel around to see the new proprietor standing behind them, eyebrows half-shaven (thus giving him an eerie look). The rest of the village gathers behind him, oldies and youngsters alike – and all of them giving freakish judgmental stares. “If you had gone on quietly,” the old man says, “nothing would have happened.” He steps closer to the two of them, and it seriously looks like a hack fest is going to happen. I mean seriously – how freaky does this woman look!??

Suddenly a little kid breaks into tears, and the neighborhood oldies break their threatening act to comfort their grandchildren. When one kid cries – all the other kids cry. This is confusing to Da Kyung and Ji Hoon, because honestly – loving grandparents/killers don’t really exist, especially when one of said grandparents turns against her own and says, “I told you we shouldn’t have done this!”

This freaky moment totally turned into a comedy for me.

A doctor informs Yi Han and Woo Jin that Soo Jung died from a concussion after slipping in the shower. It’s a common but sometimes fatal accident. Of course, in this case, there’s no such thing as accidents. They decide to look into that woman who left the bathroom before Soo Jung was discovered.  Yi Han goes through the entire ledger of inmates’ profiles while Woo Jin tries to contact Ji Hoon to perform the autopsy.

The entire town and the two scientists move their meeting to the inn, with Mr. Kim’s body laid out before them. Mr. Kim and the old man had been friends for forever; one day he went to Mr. Kim’s home, only to find him dead. It freaked him out, and then there was the issue of the life insurance.

The old man would claim that he had died, and assume the life of Mr. Kim so that he could collect the life insurance. He had told two other old ladies about his plan. Many of the oldies were left to take care of their grandchildren because the parents didn’t want the burden of raising them. As retirees, they’re already struggling to support their grandchildren; the insurance money would help a lot. They were all going to go through with the plan and get a death certificate and everything, when suddenly Ji Hoon arrived. That threw a wrench in their plans, and they had to hide the body for the meantime.

The old man asks if they have to go to jail now, having admitted everything to Ji Hoon and Da Kyung. That’s when the grandchildren make their entrance – no way in hell do they want their grandparents to go to jail! They crawl onto their grandparents’ laps and cry; who can not be moved at the sight? Even Ji Hoon needs to rub his nose.

But Ji Hoon – oh brilliant Yoon Ji Hoon – says that jail is not the issue. He asks if the kids are feeling itchy, and they admit that ever since they moved to the town from Seoul, they’ve been getting the itches. The oldies are all losing their hair – but couldn’t it just be from old age? Da Kyung says that they’re being poisoned by thallium, which is used in glass or cement factories. There is a factory upstream, and it appears the waters have been contaminated.

How the hell he figured out thallium poisoning from loss of hair and itchiness, I don’t know.

Ji Hoon recommends they all get themselves checked out at the hospital. The next day, a free clinic comes by to check up on the residents, and the environmental agency says they will examine the area. If it is thallium poisoning, they will force the company to be liable for damages, and the residents will all be compensated and relocated. Ji Hoon is truly a superman – he just saved an entire village.

But despite his impressive examiner-skills, he refuses to go back to Seoul with Da Kyung. In the distance, they hear a deep, moaning sound. “The reservoir is crying,” Ji Hoon explains. The ice in the frozen reservoir was cracking, and he and Byung Do had always come up at this time of the year to hear it (if they were lucky). Da Kyung tries to persuade him to come back, to fix his mistakes and save more lives. Ji Hoon doesn’t want to, but he does swear that he must finish the Seo Yoon Hyung case.

Woo Jin arrives in time to tell them that Lee Soo Jung just died, and she wants him to do the autopsy. That he can agree to, since it pertains to the Seo Yoon Hyung case.

Meanwhile, Yi Han was up all night trying to find the inmate, and the next morning a guard informs him that one inmate just got released; her profile is no longer in the ledgers, but a picture shows that she is indeed the one he’s looking for. He races to the bus stop nearby, but a bus speeds right past him. Yi Han rushes to catch up to the bus, for fear of losing the inmate, but it won’t stop. Never fear – she never got on the bus! Instead, she asks if he’s Officer Choi.

He asks if she’s the one who killed Soo Jung, and she denies it. Soo Jung was already dead when she went into the bathroom, and she left it for fear of getting all the blame. She and Soo Jung were friends within the prison, and they told each other everything. Though Yi Han still thinks the girl killed Soo Jung, the inmate says, “Soo Jung said that if she died, I should tell something to Officer Choi Yi Han. That she didn’t put potassium cyanide in Seo Yoon Hyung’s drink.”

Ji Hoon prepares to do the autopsy on Soo Jung, and he’s linked on a call with Da Kyung, who’s investigating the bathroom. Tools at the ready, the bloodstain on the floor and the bruise on Soo Jung’s head match. However, Ji Hoon suspects that she was unconscious before she fell, as it’s hard for 20-year olds to lose their balance so easily in a shower. (Unless you’re a total klutz. Didja think about that, huh?)

Everything internally is normal, so she had no reason to lose consciousness. On closer inspection, Ji Hoon notices that her fingers are burned. At the same time, Woo Jin’s interrogation of the guards reveals that the building next to the shower room had a power failure.  On top of that, when Da Kyung tests the electricity on the pipes, she finds that they were highly charged.

If Soo Jung’s eyes were closed during the shower (because some shampoo got into her eyes), and she was feeling around, she could have accidentally touched the pipe and been electrocuted. It might or might not be murder though; Yi Han believes it is as the inmate had given him Soo Jung’s diary.

Based on the diary, Soo Jung insists that she did not put the poison in Seo’s drink. However, because she confessed she was imprisoned anyways, and the bottle was never found. They need the bottle to prove that there was no potassium cyanide in it – the bottle that no one could find. Ji Hoon says that they should start with the witnesses who probably saw Seo drink from that bottle. They might know where the drink went.

At this point, Myung Han storms into Attorney Jang’s office, outraged that Lee Soo Jung’s autopsy was being performed at a nearby university. It’s not the fact that she’s being autopsied upon by Ji Hoon, but rather that Soo Jung was killed before Myung Han was notified. He is angry at the possibility that Attorney Jang is willing to kill every witness related to the case, if he has to. He will even kill Myung Han if the NFS director refuses to cooperate.

The Four Musketeers gather at Woo Jin’s office to go over the interrogation files of every witness. Woo Jin is about to put on her glasses when she notices Yi Han staring at her, and she puts it down. Ji Hoon and Da Kyung are wearing their glasses too, but Woo Jin is too self-conscious. Hee. Humor within a drama.

They create the timeline of events and then start tracking down the bottle through the testimonies. Woo Jin finds one about how Seo Yoon Hyung had spilled some on her walkie talkie, and so she was checking to see if her device was working. Da Kyung pounces on that testimony; if they can find that staff member’s uniform, they can see if there’s still chemical remains on it to analyze. Those uniforms are usually returned to the agency, and since the concert lasted two days most staff members wrote their names on it so that they wouldn’t lose it.

Yi Han announces that he needs to go to the agency but Woo Jin stops him. She’ll get a search warrant, and everyone can wait in her office. Ha! As soon as she’s gone, Yi Han and Da Kyung sneak out to go to the agency by themselves. Ji Hoon is going to go back to the concert hall as well; he thinks that someone else must have poisoned Seo, as it would have been difficult to suffocate a healthy Seo versus a poisoned Seo.

Woo Jin manages to convince her superior that a search warrant will help her nab the real killer, so he tells her to wait in her office. Of course, she comes back to find that everyone is gone.

Attorney Jang calls up Manager Joo to warn him beforehand. Therefore, when Yi Han and Da Kyung arrive, the box of uniforms are already gone. They spy Manager Joo with his lackeys taking the box outside, and chase him up to a rooftop patio. But it’s too late – he’s already started to set the uniforms on fire. They won’t let Da Kyung get near it either, as they don’t have a warrant to inspect others’ property. So Yi Han does the next best thing – sock it to him in the jaw.

Da Kyung tries to extinguish the fire, and Yi Han pulls out a fire extinguisher. She stops him, as it can ruin their evidence, so they use their coats. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that they’re actually fanning the flames and making the stuff burn faster.

At the concert hall, Ji Hoon is living out Seo Yoon Hyung’s last moment in his mind, trying to figure out where the kid went. Yi Han and Da Kyung are sitting at a bench outside the agency, defeated and deflated. That’s when he gets a call from Oh Sun Joo, the staff member whom Seo had spilled his drink on. Yi Han says that he doesn’t have any questions for her anymore about the case, and she goes, “Oh so you don’t need my uniform?”

They meet up with her at the cafe, and she tells them that after his death, things were so crazy that she wore her uniform home. She kept it wrapped up and well-preserved, because she felt like it was her last token of him. Da Kyung takes it out and she can visibly see the stains from the drink. They take the evidence to Dr. Hong and ask her to run some tests.

Myung Han meets up with Attorney Jang again. He has two conditions before he will agree to cooperate with Congressman Kang on anything: 1) NFS will become an independent agency not influenced by the outside, and 2) consistent financial support.

He then goes to visit the grave of Dr. Kang, the former colleague who started NFS with him and Byung Do. He begs that Dr. Kang understand him; if Dr. Kang can understand him when no one else does, it’s OK for him.

Kang Seo Yeon is enjoying the good life, taking a bubble bath amidst rose petals. Who does that!? But it’s interrupted by an unexpected visitor: Yoon Ji Hoon.

He informs her that Soo Jung never put the potassium cyanide in the drink, but someone else had to or else Kang Seo Yeon would never have been able to kill him. Seo Yeon only smiles in response, amused. Ji Hoon hypothesizes that in the three minutes between when Seo Yoon Hyung went to the bathroom and the start of the encore performance, Seo Yeon went to see him and kissed him on the lips. She transferred the poison through her lipstick. Unfortunately Ji Hoon doesn’t have concrete evidence supporting that.

The results of the chemical analysis come out, and there is no potassium cyanide in the drink after all.

Ji Hoon informs Seo Yeon that he will rely on witnesses instead to nab Seo Yeon – there are still two witnesses left, Manager Joo and co-member Jung Seok Hoon. Seo Yeon: “There are only those two left.” And she gives him her trademark freaky smile.


One thought on “Sign: Episode 14

  1. O_O

    So she’s the freaky girl who got the role just by giving a death glare? Thanks to your last screencap I can understand why the staff are still scared of her. I wouldn’t go near her without a weapon of some kind.

    But… she’s purrrrrrrty!

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