News Bits: 4/13/11 Edition

Ryu Seung Soo (Thank You, General Hospital) has been added to the cast of Lie To Me as Yoon Eun Hye’s first love Chun Jae Bum – who then went and married her rival So Ran (played by Hong Soo Hyun). So Ran and Jae Bum seem to be quite the comic pair, as Jae Bum is a lawyer who tends to hurts others without intending to (call him the bumbling antagonist?), and So Ran is uber-competitive with Yoon’s Gong Ah Jung. I wonder how they’ll fit, but I don’t mind if they’re the ones trying to dig around Ah Jung’s life and see if she’s lying about her marital status.

Ryu was quite comical as the hapless doctor in Thank You so I hope his character here is similar.

  • OK – if you’re Asian, and reading this, show off your math skillz. Yes I’m being stereotypical, and the reason is because I think the whole Internet frenzy about this math equation is just…well, dumb. Kwak Hyun Hwa, a singer/comedienne who’s also graduated from Ewha Women’s University in math, tweeted the answer to the equation 48÷2(9+3). What answer do you get? I get ‘2’, and so did Kwak. (The process she used was solve the parentheses first, multiply by 2, then divide into 48.) But people on forums have been saying that the answer is 288 due to the PEMDAS rule (they would solve parentheses, divide 48 by 2, and then multiply 24 by 12.) OK – as far as I know, PEMDAS stands for “parentheses – exponent – multiplication – division – addition – subtraction,” and it details the order you’re supposed to go when solving equations. So – multiplication before division. So – it’s 2 x (9+3) first, not 48÷2 first. I’m not crazy right? This is right, right? …Right?!
  • Jang Geun Suk has an iPhone app. Yeah – he’s that popular. It allows fans who download it to send live messages, see the photos he uploads, and allow the star to communicate and connect with his fans no matter where he is. As if Twitter wasn’t enough…
  • SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong will be taking the role of Lee Shin in the musical “Goong” when it is staged in Japan. DBSK’s Yunho previously took the role for the Korean run, and most of the tickets sold were to foreigners, most of which were Japanese. This just shows the immense popularity of the drama…and it’s so making me want to rewatch it!!
  • Kwon Sang Woo seriously wants to make it in China huh? After reports of him possibly being cast in Jackie Chan’s movie, now there’s news of him starring in a romantic comedy with Cecilia Cheung called “Love Again.” It’s set to start production in April 26 (and this news is confirmed).
  • Ronald Cheng and Charlene Choi have not been divorced for very long, but both jumped back into the dating pool quickly, and now Ronald Cheng is a father! He confirmed recently that he’s having a baby with news presenter Yu Simin, who resigned from her job and was recently hounded by paparazzi. To stop them from harassing Yu and her family further, Ronald Cheng stepped forward to confirm the news.
  • And now, stills of Eunjung and Qri in King Geunchogo! Eunjung – looking good!

source: soompi, allkpop, asiae, asianfanatics


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 4/13/11 Edition

  1. Noooooo!….not Ryu Seung Soo!!!…I love that guy….now that’s two of my favorites including YEH…..grrrrrrrrrrr….now I will have to watch this wont I ?!..WTH…that’s a YEH with Ryu Seung Soo drama. a Hong sisters drama, a Kang Hye Jang drama, a Daniel Choi drama and then there’s Manny and even Festival in June…..come May I am going to die….
    sorry for the rant here kaedejun..and yes you are right about the math…either that or my entire college education has failed me…also Eunjung looks hawt in period wear!!!

  2. The solution to the math problem… is to put the damn parentheses in their proper place so there won’t be ambiguity. Seriously.
    Instead of debating how to solve the equation, they should write equations such that they can be solved by anyone. (But my answer is also 2 based strictly on PEMDAS)

    It’s actually 288 IF you read it as is, off-hand, without considering PEMDAS.

    Love EJ’s sageuk(?) pics. 🙂

  3. I think I just died and went to heaven with those stills. Why so perfect, Eunjung? ❤

    and that news about the math equation somehow reminds me of God of Study, and not in a good way.

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