Sung Joon Joins Lie To Me

My dreams have come to an end.


Park Shi Hoo no longer in the running (doubt that he ever was though…), newcomer model turned actor Sung Joon has been cast as Kang Ji Hwan‘s younger brother Hyun Sang Hee, a charming and carefree person that makes me think he’s the irresponsible, rebellious younger brother to Kang’s more straight-laced older brother.

He’s cute. Kinda. No not really. Hmph!


But this girl is a cutie! Hyun Suh plays the younger version of Yoon Eun Hye. Why they need to go way back to kindergarten for Yoon’s character, I have no idea – unless this girl is playing Yoon’s “daughter.” Nothing helps complete a lie than a little kid right?


source: soompi, daum


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