News Bits: 4/11/11 Edition

Ha Ji Won is sporting a new look! No longer the spunky Gil Ra Im, she is back to being Ha Ji Won the Actress. Long hair seriously makes a difference.

She was preparing for a Spring photo shoot.

  • The verdict is out for MC Mong – the artist will go to jail for 6 months, be on probation for 1 year, and has to do 120 hours of community service. The sentence is the result of the court’s disbelief that he did not know about his delayed enlistment. However, they could not determine if he purposely extracted his teeth to evade enlistment. He will serve his time, but he won’t be enlisted as his exempt status is still valid. At least there was some punishment.
  • Amy Chua‘s daughter Sophia – the famous pianist prodigy who went along with her mother’s “tiger ways”was accepted to Harvard and Yale. And she’s still picking between the two. Choices! Choices! GAH! Chua stated on Facebook that credit goes entirely to her daughter (and not her parenting ways – though if her daughter’s entrance essay was anything about her mother, I’m sure her mother’s parenting helped), but it’s also to be noted that her parents teach at Yale and also got degrees at Harvard. Just sayin’ legacy never hurt somebody.
  • James Kyson Lee – most famously known as the loyal Ando in the show Heroes – will be going to Seoul for a special lecture about American TV dramas, and the hardships he experienced as a Korean-American actor. All I can say is, “Dude went to my high school yo!” (in best New York accent).
  • Park Han Byul! Photo Spamazz! as she appears in High Cut magazine with a Rock and Roll themed photo shoot.

source: allkpop, angry asian man, asiae, popseoul


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