A Commentary on 49 Days – Episodes 3-6

I’m up to episode 6 of 49 Days, and while I started out with high expectations and excitement, I must admit it has all kind of waned. I think it’s because the focus on Bae Soo Bin and Seo Ji Hye’s mysterious connection was so strong, and yet I wasn’t really interested. I mean, I was, but I’d rather have that spaced out a bit with more revelations/interactions between Nam Gyu Ri and Jung Il Woo.

More of Jung Il Woo = GOODNESS GALORE! He’s the nice amount of humor much needed for the drama. And Lee Yo Won is surprisingly cute as the episodes go on; in a way, she’s getting better at portraying a bubbly Ji Hyun now.

One thing I can’t stand is how much of a dimwit Ji Hyun can be. If her higher IQ means she can finally realize that no one thinks of her as Shin Ji Hyun because she’s in Song Yi Kyung’s body then…she’s worse than Ma Hye Ri in Prosecutor Princess. And Ma Hye Ri was smart – she just followed logic differently.

I’m personally hoping that Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) ends up with Song Yi Kyung – shallowly, it’s because I think they look better together, and honestly it’s because I kind of want Ji Hyun to die. I think I just want her to devote her remaining 40 days to helping others and getting Song Yi Kyung’s life back on track.

I’d really like it if the rules start changing and Yi Kyung realizes there’s a spirit possessing her body – and then she actively helps Ji Hyun with the tears-gathering. Heehee – Who Are You much?

Update: I’ve watched up to episode 8 now, and I still stand by my opinions regarding my wish of Han Kang ending up with Song Yi Kyung – even though it seems like that won’t happen at all. I can dream, right?


3 thoughts on “A Commentary on 49 Days – Episodes 3-6

  1. Yes, I really wish they’d turn the focus more into solving the mysteries behind the reaper, yi kyung and getting the tears too…..that’s like my only peeve with this drama…i’m not particularly interested in the revenge plan despite the fact that I love the actors playing Min Ho and In Jung they’re whole storyline seem to occupy too much time when there’s so much more to be resolved like spending almost an entire episode chasing after a seal…it’s too much time that’s wasted when there’s so much to resolve an reveal especially when the drama is almost near it’s halfway mark….other than these minor quibbles I’m wholly enjoying this show

    • lol – much agreed!

      i just read javabeans/girlfriday recaps for eps 7-8 and i’m grudgingly warming up to a Han Kang and Ji Hyun pairing now. Grudgingly. as long as when Ji Hyun goes back to life she’s a lot smarter than she is now.

      and i am SOOOOO gunning for a Yi Kyung-Yi Soo-sibling relationship!!! where Yi Kyung was probably like a mother to him taking care of him since they were left alone…gah! and yet they act like lovers…

  2. lol me too. I don’t like min hoo – in jung storyline’s at all. But I think the writers just want to reveal some subs plot in the earlier episode, before into the main plot on the later episode. She want to built up each relationship to each character.

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