Sign: Episode 13

Let me preface this post by saying that I really hope Jung Gyu Woon knows what he’s gotten himself into – now that he’s in a drama called Romantic Town rather than Maids. Ick.

But on to the bigger issue at hand – Yoon Ji Hoon – are you lying on the witness stand!?

Ji Hoon’s stunning revelation is enough to exempt Jung Cha Young from his crimes. Da Kyung stands up (without permission) from the benches to assert her belief in antimony being the cause of death, but Ji Hoon points out that she doesn’t know all the facts about antimony: what the proper dosage is to kill a person, the different effects it has depending on how it is ingested, and the effects it has when comparing to which race is affected. All are very valid, scientific points. Unfortunately.

Woo Jin knows that they can get Jung in other ways, and the hot-headed Yi Han goes off in search of Lee Chul Un, positive that the remaining group member may have something.

The testimony had taken its toll on Ji Hoon – he even left the stand before he’s excused, staggering off as if he were going to throw up. Da Kyung tries to go find him in all the usual places (his office, Byung Do’s home), but Myung Han finds him first – at Byung Do’s grave.

Myung Han reveals that he wanted Byung Do to tell Ji Hoon the truth, and then convince Ji Hoon not to say anything. Unfortunately, Byung Do’s pride won out and he committed suicide instead, leaving Ji Hoon to discover the truth for himself. He sympathizes with Ji Hoon, knowing how difficult it must be to cover up a crime for the first time. Pfft. Ji Hoon says he only did what he did in the courtroom for Byung Do – not for the honor of NFS and certainly not for Myung Han.

Ji Hoon swears to find more concrete evidence that Jung committed murder, since relying on antimony alone was a bit weak for the case.

Da Kyung had arrived just in time to witness the exchange, and she joins Ji Hoon in his car; she will go wherever he wants to go, and make sure he remains objective towards the case. Ji Hoon’s first act? To find out what happened with Bae Sung Jin; all the other victims had died hours after the poisoning, but Bae died within minutes. He watches the security footage and notes that he doesn’t experience any of the symptoms that the others had. Conclusion? Jung Cha Young used a different poison. Motivation for changing modus operandi? He’s addicted to killing and wants to know exactly how long it takes to kill a person.

They begin researching archives about the company to see if any of its affiliate companies are in the pharmaceutical industry, or have access to such poisonous substances. They realize that one of the companies found a way to make tetrodotoxin (found in blowfish) a medicine – and that’s the poison Jung used. He has Dr. Hong test Bae’s blood for it. Meanwhile, Yi Han goes to check out Lee Chul Un’s desk to see if there’s any evidence – and he finds wedding invitations in the bottom drawer.

He calls up Da Kyung to warn her that Lee might be at headquarters to meet with the president. (And sure enough – he is). They race up the floors to Jung’s office.

Jung greets Lee and hands him a drink with ice; the entire time Lee is highly aware that Jung could be poisoning him. The purpose of the meeting is to tell Jung that he destroyed the files already, so he doesn’t want money. He is also hesitant to drink, but Jung dares him to, and he gulps it down. Jung laughs like a maniac, taunting Lee despite not having put poison in the drink. He sits down and takes a swig himself.

That’s when Lee informs him that the drink was poisoned. Before Jung had arrived in his office, he had put the poison in the decanter. Turns out, Lee was going to marry Han Tae Joo – and she was pregnant with his child. Now that his only family is gone due to his greed for money, he sought for revenge. Jung is pissed but Lee warns that if he gets too excited, the poison will work faster – and by the way, he put in a lot.

Jung feels the effects almost right away and collapses onto the floor, clinging on to Lee. He tries to crawl to escape, but he dies first – and Lee soon after. By the time Ji Hoon and Da Kyung arrive, both men are dead. (I think it’s actually hilarious the way you see two dead men lying on the floor like that – but maybe that’s just me. I’m morbid.) He tries to resuscitate them but it’s no use. It’s just then that Dr. Hong confirms that tetrodotxin was found in Bae’s blood sample.

Ji Hoon keenly feels the guilt; if he had testified against Jung, this wouldn’t have happened. Now they have no way of proving that Jung committed the murders, and he (indirectly) drove Lee to do such a drastic action. He runs off in guilt, only to go to a rooftop and stand on the ledge to think. Who the hell goes to think on a ledge?! Ack!

But there’s a new crisis in town for Myung Han! (And Attorney Jang.) A news report reveals that the opposition leader of Congressman Kang is accusing his daughter of killing Seo Yoon Hyung. Myung Han assures Jang that he won’t buckle from the scrutiny, as long as he can make sure that the remaining witnesses keep their mouths shut. There is only one loose end though: Lee Soo Jung, the one who went to jail for the murder.

She watches the news report from the common room in prison and immediately becomes paranoid like crazy. She is approached from behind by a fellow inmate, who just so happens to have a blade under her sleeve. Soo Jung scurries away in fear.

Yi Han invites Woo Jin out for a drink to wash away the lousy feelings they have over the case. They knock back several bottles of soju, and that’s when Yi Han asks why she wears glasses. He wants to see her put them on, and when she finally does, he says, “As expected. You’re prettier without the glasses.”

BWAHAH – smooth.

She moves to take them off, but Yi Han reaches over and pulls her hands down, getting ever so close to her face. Like kissing distance-close. In fact, he just goes and kisses her. But only for a second, because he pulls away, realizing what he just did, and says, “Oh – you just looked cute with your glasses on.”

Woo Jin sends him flying off his chair and into the wall, wiping her mouth a million times. “Do you have a glasses fetish!?” she yells, throwing anything within her reach at him. And then she punches him while he’s still on the floor. It gets to the point where the manager has to restrain her even. Gosh. They’re so cute.

While on the floor, Yi Han gets a call and he screams at Woo Jin to calm down. She doesn’t, until he says that the caller is Lee Soo Jung. That gets her to stop mid-scream. Soo Jung wants him to visit the next day. She wants to get out of the prison because she thinks someone is there to kill her.

Back at NFS, Da Kyung receives a letter of resignation from Ji Hoon. She goes in search of him again, and calls up Woo Jin if she knows of any other place that he may have sought refuge in. Woo Jin only knows of one place – Daebang, a small village by a reservoir that Ji Hoon used to visit with Byung Do.

A group of locals direct her to Ji Hoon, and sure enough he’s standing by the reservoir. She returns his resignation letter and calls him out for not fulfilling his promise of being her mentor. He doesn’t reply, and just heads off back into town.

Yi Han and Woo Jin arrive at the prison where Soo Jung is being held, and they manage to even fight about who touches whom and who can touch whom. Soo Jung is led to the visitor’s room and is surprised to find Kang Seo Yeon on the other side. Urgh – should we expect any less?

Yi Han and Woo Jin are led to another room and hear for the first time that Soo Jung has another visitor. As they wait, Kang Seo Yeon reminds her that Soo Jung got a lot of money out of this deal. That’s enough to force Soo Jung to take back what she said in her phone call and brush it aside as a joke. They know it’s a lie, but can’t do anything about it. As they leave, Yi Han notices the bright yellow sports car.

Killers should not drive around in flashy cars. It makes them more conspicuous.

Da Kyung vows to stick right by Ji Hoon until he returns to Seoul, even if it means having to share a room with him in the one “inn” at the village, and despite the proprietor’s misconception that she’s his girlfriend. Heh – but the person most flustered at this notion is Da Kyung herself, and when Ji Hoon inches closer to her, she starts getting wild thoughts that he might pounce on her. (What, like you wouldn’t? Oh right, it’s Park Shin Yang – ok, I wouldn’t either…)

But all Ji Hoon wants is his towel, which is hanging behind her.

Da Kyung is all hot and bothered by this, and decides to go for a walk. She is warned to not stay out too late, especially since the neighborhood goes dark by a certain time. The proprietor is shifty though, and when Ji Hoon asks after the former owner, the current proprietor lies and says he moved away.

Da Kyung encounters one of the girls she bumped into earlier during her walks, but the girl runs away from her. Da Kyung chases her to a large traditional home that looks completely abandoned, and then loses sight of her. As she goes through the house, she encounters a dead body lying on the floor. Da Kyung rushes outside, and suddenly the place looks a lot more haunted than before. She is creeped out, majorly, and runs out – only to bump into Ji Hoon.

She frantically informs him of the dead body, but when they go inside, it’s already gone. They look around the place and notice faint footprints on the dusty floor. It leads to a back door, where there is indication that a body’s been dragged out. They go back to their inn but can’t find the proprietor anywhere. Ji Hoon tells Da Kyung to go to the nearest police station while he goes back to look for the corpse – but their car tires are slashed.

Meanwhile Yi Han gets the car he saw checked out and finds out that it’s Kang Seo Yeon’s car. With Woo Jin’s help, he arranges to meet with Soo Jung again. She’s showering when he arrives, and a mysterious hand reaches out, pushing her down.

Ji Hoon and Da Kyung return to the abandoned house in the dark, looking for clues. Da Kyung goes to each room, finding a child’s room. Ji Hoon is checking out the exterior, and his flashlight flashes over the little girl from before. Da Kyung opens up a closet door in the room, and screams.


One thought on “Sign: Episode 13

  1. !!!!!

    What the hell is inside that closet??? I was half-bored with the first half of the episode but when the horror/suspense thing started (with matching We-Slashed-Your-Tires-so-You-Can’t-Leave-This-Village-Pwahahaha) I was so curious about what’s happening. O_O

    Is it the kid? Is the kid a killer?

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