News Bits: 4/6/11 Edition

As if it weren’t enough to have Eun Jung on King Geunchogo, the production also hired her group member Qri to play the spunky princess Yeojin. Eun Jung’s husband will be portrayed by Supernova’s Geonil. I guess the whole second generation will now be overrun with idol stars, eh?

This isn’t Qri’s first time on a historical drama – she played Young Mo in Queen Seon Deok, the young wife of Kim Yushin (Uhm Tae Woong). That series I tried summarizing and failed miserably – I haven’t been able to finish because it’s so long! But honestly, all that happened was Queen Seon Deok would have a plan; it would be usurped by Mishil; Bidam and Yushin would do their best to reverse it; Seon Deok wins. If there was a war, betrayals would run amok as everyone’s double crossing each other.

  • Hwang Sun Hee (of Sign fame as the killer Kang Seo Yeon) said on an episode of Strong Heart that she still scares some people on the street because of her ruthless persona onscreen. All she had to do during her audition was a cold glare. It was enough to convince the casting people that she was right for the role. She will next appear in City Hunter with Lee Min Ho.
  • Lotte Duty Free Shop has recently announced Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong, and the enlisted-Hyun Bin as the new faces for the store, joining their already-existing models Song Seung Hoon, Rain, and Choi Ji Woo. Guess they figured that the new generation of Korean drama watchers would recognize Hwang Tae Kyung, Baek Seung Jo, and Kim Joo Won better.

  • Lee Na Young has parted ways with KEYEAST Entertainment, as her five-year contract had already expired. There have been rumors that she was dating Bae Yong Joon since 2008, although they always denied it. I wonder if they will now date, as they no longer have an employer-employee relationship. Just a thought.
  • Charice may be making her movie acting debut! “Here Comes the Boom” stars Harry Winkler, Salma Hayek, and Kevin James, and now it looks like Charice will join the cast as Malia, a student. The film is about a teacher-by-day-mixed martial arts-fighter-by-night who fights to save his school’s music program. Of course, Charice will sing.
  • Hong Kong singer/actor Andy Lau just may become a father! His wife Carol Zhu is reportedly pregnant after a successful artificial insemination. (They’re in their forties, so it’s a little harder for her to get pregnant.) Nothing has been confirmed yet, although they were spotted in Malaysia to pay respects to her deceased parents (or, to just tell them the good news).
  • And can I just say I am SO HAPPY that dramabeans is posting up recaps of the Uhm-Tae-Woong-episodes in 2 Days 1 Night?! I LOVE that series!

sources: allkpop, asiae, asianfantics, xin msn, dramabeans


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