More Casting News for Lie To Me

So we know Yoon Eun Hye is set to star in it, and I had previously written that her costars might be Park Shi Hoo and Lee Seo Jin. Now rumors are swirling again that the leading man is none other than Kang Ji Hwan.

Mind you, the drama will air in May, and only Yoon has been spotted heading to Thailand to shoot some scenes.

Yoon plays Gong Ah Jung, an unmarried woman who acts like she is married to get certain benefits. Kang Ji Hwan is Hyun Ki Joon, a hotel CEO (urgh) who is mistakenly identified as her husband. Hijinks ensue.

Some news sources report it as a done deal, while another SBS representative only wishes to say that it’s a “high probability.” I interpret that as Broadcast-Station-Speak for “Done Deal.”

Jo Yoon Hee (Golden Fish) has also been mentioned as another cast member; she will play the fourth wheel fabulous display designer Oh Yoon Joo who comes in between Ki Joon and his brother Sang Hee. If Park Shi Hoo is the second brother, I’m sold for this show.

This will be Yoon’s comeback project after the disastrous (story wise) Take Care of the Young Lady, and Kang’s “comeback drama” after his whole agency/double contract fiasco. (Although he was just in a drama last year with Coffee House so you can’t call it a comeback…) Lie to Me will air after Midas on May 9. The drama will be written by Kim Ye Ri (Heading to the Ground) and directed by Kim Soo Ryong (Green Rose).

If this all ends up being true – then YAY. If not – well, I did say they were rumors…

sources: soompi, joinsmsn,


5 thoughts on “More Casting News for Lie To Me

  1. I think it’s confirmed? I read in KJH’s soompi thread that one of the filming staff confirmed that all of the cast have commenced filming.. and the list includes KJH.

    If anything, he’s probably lying low for a bit for the fear that the drama association might do something? Poor guy.

      • If Park Shi Hoo is in this, I’d be so torn. Cos KJH’s one of my eternal loves.. and Park Shi Hoo is one delectable guy. ❤

  2. I’d love to see KJH’s comeback too but if they cast PSH as 2nd lead I’m like: Kang Ji Hwan who?

    (also, I love your new clean layout)

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