News Bits: 4/5/11 Edition

Yoon Kye Sang for High Kick 3?! Really!? Is that me dreaming or what?!

He’s currently working on Best Love (a.k.a Discovery of Affection) alongside Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin. (I don’t know if I’d watch it – the male leads are currently drawing me in over the females.) His involvement with High Kick is still in talks, and nothing has been confirmed. However, I can’t help but feel that he’ll take on the “Daniel Choi“-vibe role; I didn’t mind him so much, but he wasn’t as interesting as the guys in Unstoppable High Kick.

  • Kim Hye Soo and Yoo Hae Jin have broken up. The Korean actor-couple had been together for three years, and were friends for longer before that. Rumors swirled that the two would marry since both were in their early forties, but it turns out their busy schedules and their differing views towards marriage contributed to the split. (Yoo wanted marriage, Kim did not.) Aw – I hope they’re still friends, as I would hate to see a perfectly good friendship broken by a love-relationship.
  • To add to her busy schedule, Eun Jung of T-ARA has been cast in the historical saga King Geunchogo as Jin Ayi – the future queen and wife of Geunchogo’s son Geun Gu Su. She will appear in the April 16 episode (episode 47) and will be in 14 episodes. I am sure she will do a very fine job – and I look forward to seeing some pics of her in historical dress!
  • Jung Woo Sung is going to appear in a Japanese drama for his next project after ATHENA. While his former costar Cha Seung Won is going the comedy route (and portraying a character that’s a complete 180 from previous roles), Jung will once again step into a melodrama about a father who sacrifices himself to save his leukemia-stricken son. Jung plays the son’s doctor, and Takashi Sorimachi plays the father.
  • Jay Chou and Kobe Bryant collaborated on a commercial for Sprite and music video for Chou’s single “天地一门” (Battle Between Heaven and Earth). Chou not only sang but directed and choreographed the entire music video, infusing both Eastern and Western elements in the dance. The single’s proceeds would go to donations for basketball equipment in impoverished schools. It’s a pretty cool music video, although I think Kobe’s little cameo in it kinda ruins the song. It’s funny how they included a line from “The Green Hornet”:

Kobe: Man…

Jay Chou: I’m not your man

  • Jackie Chan is dead! Not. But the topic was trending on Twitter and spread through the tabloids. He recently stated that he will give his entire fortune to charities and leave nothing to his son Jaycee Chan, who is also a singer: “If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he isn’t, he’ll just be wasting my money.” Talk about tough love. He regrets not having pushed his son further for greater success. (Now who’s the tiger mom eh?!) He also stated that while he’s alive and healthy, he may just get worked to death. Oh dear – what a way to alleviate the rumors.

sources: allkpop, asiae, asianfanatics, cpopaccess


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 4/5/11 Edition

  1. Thanks for the updates kaede. Eunjung is one busy girl these days, and I, too, am looking forward to seeing her dressed as future queen in that era.

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