19: A Review

I have solidified my admiration for T.O.P. with this film/drama. To all the skeptics (if there even is one), watch “19” and then watch “Into the Fire.” Skip IRIS – that drama just wasted him.

The film is about three teenagers (T.O.P., Heo Yi Jae, and Seung Ri) who get caught up in the death of a fellow friend. T.O.P. is a coworker, and the girl had asked him out on a date the day she died. Heo Yi Jae is a friend of the girl’s, and Seung Ri is the earnestly shy and sheltered student who stalked her. Because all of them had been in contact with the girl before she died, they are all brought into questioning by the police.

The police’s tactics are brutish and forceful, trying to put words in the nineteen-year-olds’ mouths. Fed up with the treatment, the three of them break out from their interrogations rooms at almost exactly the same time, and band together on the commonality of all being suspects. Now on the run, they take the chance to run away from their old, burdensome lives to live the life they wish they could.

It’s a beautiful tale that kept me engrossed – more so than Heaven’s Postman because each character was so interestingly drawn. T.O.P. emerges as the natural leader, despite being a failure at school; Heo is the life of the group as the spunky tomboy; and Seung Ri is so cute as the most naive. Best scene? When he tries ddukbokki for the first time, enjoys it so much, and stuffs his face with it. T.O.P. and Heo Yi Jae could only go: O_O

As nineteen-year-olds, they still have the dare to do things that other people won’t since they are at the cusp of adulthood but still treated like children. I enjoyed that they are people who still don’t know how to fully mature, and yet learn a few lessons along the way during their escape. I can only say I sometimes wish I could runaway like they did.

Watch it. Not just because of T.O.P., but because it’s good.

Rating: 9/10


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