Hello ~ I’m Mason Moon!

The mini Gu Jun Pyo

Mason Moon must be shared for all the world to see. It is an absolute crime to not feature this cute baby when 1) the pictures are on his cyworld and 2) he’s just BEGGING with his cute eyes to be seen by the world. He stole the scenes from the film “Baby and Me” – and yes for once I was not staring at Jang Geun Suk but at the baby with the wide open eyes. And yes, for the record, the baby is mixed – half Canadian, half Korean.

I think today is Baby-Day for me – considering the post about Shoo and her son.

Anyways – without further ado, I present to you, baby Mason Moon.

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Shoo’s Baby Is So Cute!

Yeah – that’s all I had to say really.

Shoo’s 10-month old baby with basketball player Im Hyo Sung made his appearance on an episode of “One Night.” The baby, Yoo, has grown quickly – reaching 14 kg (30 lbs) in just ten months; he is definitely big for his age. Shoo has become recognized for being a “super mom” as her entire life revolves around her baby (in a good way, people).

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Goo Hara Makes Her Appearance in City Hunter

Goo Hara from the band KARA makes her appearance in the drama City Hunter as the president’s daughter – who still manages to live it up as a young girl by going clubbing and being rebellious. I’m positive she’s the cause for Park Min Young‘s presence at said club, and why Lee Min Ho gave Park that kiss on the lips (perhaps he’s hiding from someone? I would love it though if he were just a cad and wanted to snatch his opportunity).

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Romance Town Posters Released

And none too soon! Three posters featuring the lovely Jung Gyu Woon and the rest of the cast have been released. (Clearly we know where my interest lies…)

Like the drama plot and the trailer, the posters look pretty bland. The last one is a nice play on role reversal, where the chaebols in the drama are the servants and the maids are the ones sitting at the table. I find it odd that Min Hyo Rin is dressed quite finely above her station, but fine – if you want to put her in a fancy dress, so be it. She does look good in them.

I am hoping there’s a secret that helps give the drama more substance, but not too melodramatic like, “I’m actually the daughter of this CEO!”

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More Behind the Scenes of 49 Days

Episodes 13 and 14 have premiered! While I’m not to sure which episodes these photos came from, it’s sweet to see Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won have a nice camaraderie off screen while being completely antagonistic on screen. Bae Soo Bin is completely endearing himself to me, and while I hate his roles (gosh darn it I wonder if he purposely picks roles where he won’t get the girl!!!), he’s so cool offscreen. I loved the Behind the Scenes clip that followed him around for a day.

In addition, there were photos of Nam Gyu Ri with her onscreen family, Choi Jung Woo and Yoo Ji In. What a sweet couple they make.

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Jung Gyu Woon Packs on the Pounds

My cutie pie Jung Gyu Woon! Where art thou?!

Jung puts on a fat suit for his upcoming drama Romance Town, where he portrays his past self – all shy, bumbling, and big – before leaving for New York and coming back looking all fit and hot. I wonder why people go to “America” in the dramas – as if America has better plastic surgery than Korea. I kid. But going to New York will help you lose weight (although I don’t know if that drastically) because all New Yorkers ever do is walk.

Anyways, I digress. His fat suit works out way better than Kim So Yeon’s in Prosecutor Princess though, because at least his hands don’t look like foam gloves. But if you look carefully, it looks weird and inconsistent because you can see exactly where the plastic makeup ends from the discoloration between his rubber skin and his real skin.

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So Yi Hyun Cast in You’ve Fallen For Me

So Yi Hyun has been cast in You’ve Fallen For Me. (Yes, I’m going with that title – grinning and bearing it.) She will play the dance teacher t the arts school, and the object of Jung Yong Hwa‘s affections – in the beginning.

So Yi Hyun actually has experience in dance, as jazz is her hobby, so dancing for her will not be a problem. She last appeared in Gloria as Lee Chun Hee’s object of affections, and Assorted Gems, as the second daughter of the zany family. Her character, Jung Yun Soo actually experienced a lot of grief and so channels that emotion into helping her students achieve her dream. Methinks she had a crippling injury that doesn’t let her dance as much as she’d like. Cold-hearted Musician, meet Beautiful Cripple.

source: ask actor

Best Love Press Conference

Best Love recently held their press conference – makes sense since they’re premiering so soon! Can’t wait can’t wait! So this is a photo spamazz of the lovely cast. I have to say – I enjoy seeing Cha Seung Won smiling a lot. And Yoo In Na looks adorable, as if clinging for dear life onto Gong Hyo Jin. 

And Yoon Kye Sang – you’re such an adorable geek.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer!


Thanks endodo for bringing it to my attention. While there have been other versions of trailers – this one is EPIC!

Snape is looking HOTTER THAN EVER! (I mean – cool-wise)

Harry and Voldemort HUG!

Molly Weasley goes, “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!” (OK she doesn’t really say that – but we get that moment.)

Just when you thought the books couldn’t be any better, when the battle comes alive in your head, you see this movie and it’s like WHOA – I didn’t know it could look like that! And that’s when you know it’s truly movie magic.

News Bits: 4/27/11 Edition

Kim Kang Woo is now a father! His wife, Han Mu Young (the older sister of Han Hye Jin) gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the afternoon of April 27 (Korea time). Whaaa – married in June, and baby in April! This is one happy family indeed – congrats!

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