News Bits: 3/28/11 Edition

Hi-ho! Isn’t Park Shin Hye studious?! That’s her studying the gayageum, a stringed traditional Korean instrument that bears a similarity to the Chinese guzheng. Her character in the upcoming drama Festival majors in the gayageum and only knows about traditional music – a complete opposite of Jung Yong Hwa’s character, who majors in modern music and is a band member.

  • As if Park Min Young needs any more changes to her body, she has recently announced that she will be undergoing a diet to help increase her stamina as she practices judo and other stunts for her role in City Hunter. As long as ‘diet’ means having her bulk up muscles rather than lose weight…
  • MC Mong certainly set himself up for this when he had 6 molars removed in an attempt to dodge military service – the artist couldn’t hold back his tears as closing arguments were made for his trial today. The prosecution demanded that he get 2 years of prison – which is a tad more boring than 2 years of military service, and far more reputation-damaging. The decision will be announced on April 11.
  • Barbie Hsu and her husband Wang Xiaofei finally held their wedding ceremony on March 22 – and now they’re getting slammed for spending extravagantly. They flew 300 friends and family to Sanya on Hainan Island, China, and spent almost $30 million Taiwanese dollars for the airplane tickets, accommodations, food, and villa for the party. Barbie Hsu defended her husband saying they really didn’t spend thaaat much and that they negotiated for discounts. OK – nice to show that you do have NT$30 million lying around to spare and that you’re a true Asian at once. While she was criticized by politicians, I don’t see any US politicians ever criticizing the Hollywood actors who do/would spend that much on a wedding.
  • Wu Zun finally made a statement on why he dropped out of Absolute Boyfriend (costarring with Gu Hye Sun) – and no it’s not because he’s going solo. It’s because he doesn’t want to wait around for a drama that doesn’t even have a good script. Oho! That’s one hell of a slap in the face. Imagine if that drama ended up becoming a hit?!
  • In addition to Sung Yuri and Jung Gyu Woon, Min Hyo Rin and Kim Min Joon (Insoon is Pretty) will be joining the cast. Min plays a fellow maid who is Sung’s sunbae at work despite being younger than her. Kim is neighbor who’s still a mystery (no kidding) and only became wealthy after his artist grandfather’s death. I don’t know – still not really making me want to watch this drama. But this little fact does!

“He used to be fat, timid, and a bad conversationalist before he transformed into the proud hottie of today. Thus his innocent personality lies just below the surface of his cold exterior image.”


  • CN Blue‘s Lee Jung Shin, Cha Seung Won, and model Lee Soo Hyukall walked down the runway for the Seoul Fashion Walk wearing designer Song Ji Oh’s 2011 Fall/Winter collection. Can I just say no, no, and no? Especially with the first photo. Why is Jung Shin dressed as a girl? Why does Cha Seung Won wear a coat that would better fit a girl? And why is Lee Soo Hyuk so stiff and cold?

But the second photo of Cha Seung Won I do not mind at all.

  • And here’s a way better, addicting, cheese-tastic song: UV’s “Itaewon Freedom” featuring JYP. It’s hilarious, and such a great call back to the ’80s. UV is comprised of Yoo Seyoon and Myuji.

sources: soompi, allkpop, xin msn, asianfanatics, dramabeans, koreaboo


2 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/28/11 Edition

  1. OMG That video is.. O_O

    I love that the Dream-High guy isn’t afraid to make fun of himself in the present regarding his career… so this is what they were meta-ing in the drama! LOL

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