[Update!] Birdie Buddy Trailer Online!

UPDATE: DramaFever just released a fully subbed version of the trailer. Check it out here!

I’ll be damned if this drama cannot get a freakin’ broadcaster.

I WANT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA! It’s got a good mix of the whimsy and the serious stuff. It’s got high caliber actors in the supporting roles, and it just looks awesome, period. It doesn’t hurt that the golf ball looks like the Golden Snitch.

I enjoy stories where the underdog has to go through some sort of transformation and/or training to become the best. Everyone has their own Yoda, and I love that UEE’s just had to be an old white guy living in the outskirts of Korean countryside.

It’s a long trailer, but so damn worth it! I unfortunately do feel that I’ve watched the entire series though, but I’d like to get to know the drama better too, and just watch it.

Below, there’s also a behind the scenes and poster shoot special too.

source: allkpop, youtube


One thought on “[Update!] Birdie Buddy Trailer Online!

  1. Waah.. That’s one long trailer.

    Wish it had english subtitles. But still, there are some big names in this show. Acting seems ok, I wonder why no station picked it up. 😦

    (And the snitch-like golf ball now looks cheesy-cute instead of cheap-and-pointless.)

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