Heaven’s Postman: A Review

I quite enjoyed the film “Heaven’s Postman” – it had a nice quiet touch to it. At times slow, it was still quite interesting to watch. Plus, I guess I’m all about death and crossing the boundary between heaven and earth nowadays. *cough*49 Days*cough*

I watched it on DramaFever out of curiosity over what made this movie so popular.

Han Hyo Joo stars as Ha Na, a woman who sends letters to her dead boyfriend (who’s not so awesome as one may think) and meets Hero Jaejoong‘s Jae Joon – a postman for the dead. His job is simply to read the letters and then find a way to comfort those left behind through a few white lies. The only reason why she can see him is because she misses the dead. Once people have moved on, they cannot see Jae Joon.

He asks if she wants to help him, and together they come up with elaborate plans for Shin Goo’s worried father wondering about his paternity, and Kim Chang Wan‘s guilty father who never felt he got the forgiveness from his dead son.

The pace of the film is odd because while it’s very slow, things still progress very quickly. First thing is Ha Na is upset and dislikes Jae Joon, but the next thing you know she is working with him, and next thing you know they fall in love. But the film relishes in the pretty field shots and the close ups on its main stars.

Han Hyo Joo pretty much plays a spunkier version of her character from Shining Inheritance. Jaejoong is not too bad, but his character is quite monotone. He’s a tad better than Changmin, but I think Changmin was able to go through a wider range of emotions as Dong Joo in Paradise Ranch than Jaejoong, and therefore despite failing miserably at least he can try and do better next time. I wonder how the movie would have been if the Jaejoon-role had been in the hands of another actor. Of course, Shin Goo and Kim Chang Wan were my favorites in the film. Then again, they’re veterans so…

Despite the slow pace, I actually felt relieved about the ending. It may have been cliched but after all that happened, I think I needed it.

Rating: 6.5/10


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Postman: A Review

  1. I loved this movie ….its pure Kitagawa Eriko magic!…..neither Jaejoong or Han Hyo Joo are very strong actors but they seemed to have chemistry and and i liked their characters very much…This was the main reason I tried to check out Relation of face, mind and love but that turned out to be a sore dissapointment to me

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