News Bits: 3/22/11 Edition

Kim So Yeon has been confirmed to take over Lee Da Hae’s role in the film “Russian Coffee,” or “Coffee.” She will now play the female barista who served Emperor Gojong coffee, his favorite drink, and might be a spy for the Russians. Well duh – Kim So Yeon is the go-to gal for spy roles. She’s like Jennifer Garner – she can pull off the romantic comedy roles, and the spy roles. This will be her first film in six years. I personally hope she gets caught up with this movie so that she has absolutely no time to film IRIS 2. Or ATHENA 2 – or whatever damn sequel Taewon Entertainment is cooking up.

  • The cast of Youthful Beauty gathered for their first script reading. The drama stars Jang Nara as a 34-year old who lies about her age and works at a textile company that Daniel Choi owns/works at/is at. I don’t know – I honestly don’t even know why she has to lie about her age.
  • Joo Sang Wook recently revealed that he broke up with his girlfriend last year while shooting Giant to concentrate on acting – NOT because he’s gay. I laugh – who would’ve thought he was gay anyways? I mean, he’s a pretty face, but there are a bunch of other guys I’d immediately wonder as gay first before Joo Sang Wook. (*cough*JangGeunSuk*cough*)
  • 49 Days just aired two episodes and it’s already getting hit with plagiarism accusations. Netizens say that the story line is similar to that of a fan fiction written about the group Shinhwa, where Eric Mun and Minwoo were the Grim Reaper/Scheduler. The netizens claim that the two stories are very similar. Umm – didn’t you people know the story way before the drama even aired? Why are the allegations coming up now? I mean, The Discovery of Affection was hit with plagiarism rumors and so that is why the story was adjusted. In addition – how freaking common is it to have people take over others bodies for a second chance during the 49 days before the soul goes up to heaven? There are very few original stories out there; the only difference is in how it plays out, not what it’s about.
  • And finally – a CN Blue music video! “Intuition” from their new album “First Step”:

source: hancinema, asiae, popseoul, youtube


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