Queen of Reversals: A Mini Review

I give up. It’s kind of sad, but I really refuse to continue any further with this series. I love Park Shi Hoo, I REALLY DO. (He’s mine.) But at this rate I cannot continue with the series when I have the little friendly button called “fast forward” at easy access and something called “Time” looming behind my back.

Hence, a mini review of my overall impressions.

Let’s put it this way, I jumped around a lot. A. Lot. But! I was lucky enough to land on the cute, spot on moments – such as when Kang Woo was griping about how different Yong Shik had become (thanks to lovesickness), and then Yong Shik drives him away by saying, “Isn’t Yoo Kyung going on a blind date today?” HEHE!

First fact I learned: Kang Woo has a major crush on Yoo Kyung.

(They ended up together. Aww…)

Thanks to girlfriday’s review, I also learned that Tae Hee and Jun Soo divorced. Though I never saw that scene, it was pretty obvious it would happen. There were also plenty of scenes between Tae Hee and Yong Shik – in fact several episodes started out with the two of them stranded somewhere random. Clearly they loved each other, but just couldn’t be together.

Then I saw scenes between Song Yi and another guy, whom I later learned was Yong Shik’s older (and legitimate?) brother.

Second fact I learned: Song Yi was throwing in her support behind the older brother to find a way to oust Yong Shik out of the running for company president.

Then I saw Yong Shik crying over a woman hooked up to an IV in an at-home hospital room.

Third fact I learned: He found his birth mother. However, from the looks of it, she somehow got injured and pretended amnesia (?) of ever wanting to see him (??) and so she leaves him.

So he was clearly looking for his mom, and Tae Hee knew about this, but he ended up not having the happiest of reunions with her. It looks like his birth mother and his father made a deal with each other too about not seeing Yong Shik anymore so…

Then I came upon this scene:

Tae Hee’s relationship with Yong Shik got publicized and was an effort to embarrass him so that shareholders would not want him to be the company president. (This was the fourth fact I learned.)

Yong Shik’s father wanted him to break up with Tae Hee, or give up the presidency, and Yong Shik chose to give up the presidency. He bitterly said that he wanted to marry a woman he loved, rather than be with his father, so he took the group from the special projects team and started his own company (I think).

Jun Soo had also seen all the posters advertising the relationship and so he requested to be transferred to the States.

Fifth fact I learned: Jun Soo offered Tae Hee a new start in America, for her to go with him and they would try to start again more civilly. She rejected.

I also came upon the scene where Tae Hee and Sora headed over to Jun Soo’s home (I think post-America and about a good deal of time later), and Yeo Jin was there.

Sixth fact (?) I learned: Jun Soo and Yeo Jin ended up together.

And finally, the best scene ever (which I saw WITHOUT subs, so pardon if I got some details/facts wrong) – I saw Yoo Kyung and Ki Ppeum drag Tae Hee to an interview, and she saw everyone from the Special Projects team grinning at her. She finally sees Yong Shik, and he looks up to see that she’s the interviewee. Both have that “Oh… you…”-pained-“separated lovers” expression and it becomes clear that…

I learned my seventh fact: The two had sorta broken up, and the rest of the group arranged this to bring them back together.

Tae Hee excuses herself from the interview/meeting and Yong Shik just sits there, stunned. I think the guys say a few encouraging words and finally Yong Shik is spurred to chase after her. He finally reaches her, convinces her that they will work as a couple, and kiss. Woohoo!

Happy ending.

My thoughts:

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t stick with this drama. Perhaps recapping it sucked the life out of it for me. I loved

I loved Park Shi Hoo though and he and Kang Woo were literally one of the best things in this drama for me. I didn’t even care much for Kim Nam Joo – for me, she was her standard self. Good actress, reliable, and always fun to watch. But she’s not like a scene stealer (not that she had to steal scenes per se). She’s not the attention grabber.

As for Jung Joon Ho, I’m glad that his character in the end became more mature, especially post-divorce and simply watching Tae Hee grow and become a different, newer woman. I am also glad that he ended up with Yeo Jin, however it is their relationship status is. It’s literally a Camilla-Charles-Diana dynamic, but well, since the cat’s out of the bag, might as well acknowledge it.

I think what cursed this drama for me was the length. From all the facts that I had learned about this drama, I think we could have capped it at 24 episodes. Granted, the numerous episodes allowed for more character growth and the justification of Yong Shik into becoming a bona fide hero. But if several dramatic storylines were cut out, we could have gotten that same satisfaction and justification. I wouldn’t have cared so much about his mother’s reappearance (though I’m not entirely sure how importantly she factored into the drama) and I don’t think the divorce had to be extended for so long.

All in all, I think it would be unfair to rate this drama since I didn’t get to watch the whole thing. I will rate the first ten episodes though, because that is all I saw to completion. And for that, they get a nice solid 7/10.

P.S. I was walking home one day when I SWORE I saw Kim Chang Wan on the street, walking and talking on his cellphone like a normal, anonymous person. And I immediately thought, “He’s on vacation because Queen of Reversals is over!”

But it could have been a lookalike. O_O


7 thoughts on “Queen of Reversals: A Mini Review

  1. this is abit OOT, but I heard park shi hoo will be casted in Maids, along with Jung Kyue Won and Sung Yu Ri. OMG, what should i do!? I love JGW and PSH! If he join in Maids, Can Sung Yu Ri’s character has twin so PSH can get the girl, too???

  2. Your mini-review had me go bwahaha again, Kaedejun. Cuz I went through the same process (except that I read the first episodes recaps instead of watching them) and drew the same conclusions. ^^
    Actually, I enjoyed PSH’s characters in Glory of the family and Prosecutor Princess, but I can’t help but feel some type of uncomfort while he’s performing skinship, especially kisses. The guy looks so awkward and at unease to me. I wish Lee Jung Jae or Lee Min Ho or Jo In Sung would teach him a few lessons. Or else you might want to volunteer? πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  3. @denali: hahahha awkward when about performing skinship? I don’t feel it, but maybe because I’m park shi hoo bias Hahaha

    but i feel the same when he kissed. But i can see he is trying..

  4. @ missjb
    Well, you’re not too PSH biased since you too did notice that he was trying. πŸ˜€

    I felt exactly the same when he and Kim So Yeon kissed in Prosecutor Princess, maybe because both of them really are not comfortable with that kind of scene? Actually I saw her in Dr Champ where she did look uncomfortable too with “my” yummy Jung Gyu Woon.
    Honestly, I skipped both PP scenes because it made me snap out of the drama and in real life, I would NOT have enjoyed that kind of skinship at all. Yuck.

    PSH is far from being the only male actor uncomfortable with this, so many are such as Lee Jung Jin (check him in 9 ends 2 out or Runaway: Plan B) for instance. I do not mean to offend anybody, but it had me wonder whether any of them had experienced it prior to shooting such scenes. Just my thoughts.

  5. QOR is the best romantic k-drama i hv ever watched , too bad of you to skip , it was the only one k-drama i cant hv enough to watch it over & over . it was too bad of you all to skip this wonderfull drama . tell the truth i like PSH as GYS because of this drama not because PSH cast in this drama . this is how good this drama is . so too bad of you can watch PP or PM but this drama is 10 folds better than PP & PM you just skip . sooooooooooo pity !

    • Yap, same with you. I really love PSH as GYS in this drama, different character from PP & PM. Freshing, so many laughter. Especially when he was debating with his asistent, Kang Dong Won haha.

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