News Bits: 3/21/11 Edition

HA! The news of Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah becoming an official couple tickles my funny bone. Not like you could have denied otherwise with such incriminating photos from Paris. But it also cracks me up because I read those comments from people on dramabeans saying that at least Jung got one good thing out of Athena!

  • More details of Goodbye Miss Ripley came out in regards to Lee Da Hae‘s character. Apparently she became an orphan and was adopted by a Japanese family. Because of her adopted father’s debts, she was sold into prostitution. She fled to Korea and worked as a Japanese interpreter before finally lying about her credentials and meeting hotel heir Micky Yoochun and hotel general manager Kim Seung Woo. Love triangle ensues. As for Yoochun’s character, he learns of Lee Da Hae’s deception but remains enthralled by her. They both share a painful upbringing as Yoochun is raised by his stepmother and is forced to return to Korea to take over the resort business when his father falls ill. Sooo… this sounds like, a melodramatic version of My Girl with a dash of Hotelier.
  • City Hunter will begin filming on March 24th, and their first location shoot is in Thailand. (Oh, this does not sound like Runaway at all!) The purpose of the Thailand shoot is to show Lee Min Ho’s character’s past. Hrm – grew up in Thailand? Didn’t that happen to Lee Jun Ki’s character in Time Between Dog and Wolf?!
  • Daniel Choi appeared in a spread for Bazaar magazine, but honestly – the picture of him in a leopard print shirt screams “No.” I think he’s trying to hard to look like Daesung or something! Then he tries the Charlie Chaplin look, but I think pic 3 is the best. Wooo Choi-hottie!

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4 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/21/11 Edition

  1. Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jia: why is everybody complaining about her acting? Have they seen her in The relationship of mind, face and love” opposite Kang Ji Hwan? She was awesome, even keeping her cool while he obviously went nuts purposely. Comments must be jealousy-driven.
    Actually while on their escapade in Paris, they visited me and they were so cute together. ^^ (one is entitled to dream, right?)
    I am so happy for my unforgettable AMTR carpenter-turned-architect character and wish them happy times together.
    City Hunter would be interesting to watch for Lee Min-Ho only: he’s more than decent in acting and very skilled “popo-wise” (unlike your dear PSH, imo). ^^
    Daniel Choi: the first pic in that leopard stuff hadn’t me rawred at all but the 3rd one, man, I second your comment, Kaedejun.

    • I KNOW RIGHT? lee jia was awesome in “relation of face mind and love” – i loved her there, even though the movie wasn’t the best. seeing the actresses in rom coms and then in Athena really impressed me. she was so so in beethoven virus – i think it veered to melodrama too much so i couldn’t see much of her personality.

      • I didn’t quite follow Beethoven virus (except that Kim Myung Min blew me away, again, and Jang Geun Seuk was so yummy/”rather manly” with that haircut ^^) nor Athena but she didn’t leave me any negative impression at all.

        So many haters, really…

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