C.N. Blue’s Comeback

CN Blue recently held a press conference in regards to their comeback album “First Step”. Their new title track is “Intuition” and the members said that they all took part in the writing, composing, and arranging of most of the songs on the album.

Kang Min Hyuk also took the opportunity to formally announce his role in Festival alongside Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye, which I had speculated with less of a confirmation before. Honestly, it’s as though You’re Beautiful got a sequel, because I’m sure Jung will take over Jang Geun Suk‘s role, and Kang can be ‘Shinwoo’ if he wants to. The other thing was that Jung Yong Hwa and bandmate Lee Jong Hyun dyed their hair black again, and Jung Yong Hwa lost a lot of weight.

AGAIN! It’s like he’s now Jang Geun Suk! They both lost weight and their characters had pitch black hair! Jung Yong Hwa said he dieted for CN Blue’s comeback, but I personally think it’s for the drama.

Who knows? Maybe it’s because they think Park Shin Hye goes for skinny guys.

sources: asiae, allkpop


3 thoughts on “C.N. Blue’s Comeback

  1. I was totally thinking the same thing–it’s like Jung Yonghwa and Jang Geun Seok have swapped roles. Dang, he really has lost weight! 😦 Plotwise, I doubt this will be a YAB Take 2 but the cast certainly makes you wonder if the team behind promotions are doing this on purpose. Like, they’re trying to aim for a YAB hit or something. I don’t know. Meh. We’ll see what happens with this one.

  2. Stone me if you dare, but I did not watch YAB. What? Yes, that’s right. I probably am the only kdrama-watching-person who purposely avoided it but won’t share reasons (not the point here).
    Anyhow, I got to “discover” Jung Yong Hwa through his appearance in the Star Golden Bell Show, where he displayed his musical and singing talent, as well as his wit. A talkative young man, unless that was scripted too.
    Thus looking at his picture now with this weight loss is so scary! 😦 It would have me worried just as much as my first glance of recent Van Ness Wu pics. 😦

    The world of entertainment is such a scary one.

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