Sign: Episode 11

It’s time to move on to the next mystery. There’s been the Seo Yoon Hyung case, the serial murderer case, the Korean skeleton case in Japan, and the gangster shooting case. So now, we have what I call the “company death” case. Which is where we will discover a good many things about our dear Jung Byung Do.

[This review is for Denali – in response to her question of whether I will post more Sign recaps 😀 ]

We start in a cafe, where a bunch of wonderful couples are sharing coffee and cookies. The soundtrack song is poppin’ and everything is happy…

A car veers off course on the road and slams into a parked one right outside the cafe. What a kill joy. The driver is dead, and an ID reveals him to be a worker at HanYoung Group.

We are at a restaurant, where a mother is eating with her son and daughter. They start wondering where the father is, since he’s taking quite a while in the restroom. (What, a guy can’t take a dump?)

Oops – he’s definitely not doing that sort of business; his glasses are next to a running sink, and he’s collapsed in front of the toilets, dead. He’s discovered by another patron who has gone to the restroom. He’s also a worker at HanYoung Group.

Now we are at the company building rooftop, and a worker is struggling to breathe in the fresh air. He staggers towards the edge, takes a deep breath, and tumbles to his death.

Now we are at Jung Byung Do’s home. No more deaths here! Instead, Da Kyung is having a ball roaming around Ji Hoon’s old room, where he lived until high school. Byung Do is quite charmed by how inquisitive and bright she is, but Ji Hoon is annoyed that she’s in his room. Byung Do: “It’s my home. Can’t I show someone around my own home?”

They spend the rest of the night talking about Ji Hoon’s first days as a medical examiner, of course, much to his embarrassment. Da Kyung then brings up the past, when NFS first started and rested solely on the efforts of three men who refused to give up despite the hard work. The three men were Byung Do, Lee Myung Han, and another guy.

Flashback! The three men were the only ones who could handle the pressures and the workload when everyone else gave up from the work. Back then, Lee Myung Han was an earnest medical examiner, working precisely and tirelessly. In fact, he SMILED and JOKED around! He even FEEDS Byung Do like the guy’s his father!! But the reason why the three were struggling at work was because NFS lacked funding.

OK – but now we’re back to the cold Myung Han who has to deal with the squawker behind that television report. When Ji Hoon returns to the office, he gets a few unmarked envelopes all containing photocopies of news articles back in 1991. They were all in relation to deaths within a conglomerate, all similar to the current deaths at HanYoung Group, and are very much tied to his father’s death.

Sook Joo is very much bothered by the blue watch the squawker was wearing during the TV interview because she could have sworn she saw it before. She checks every guy – except Jang Jae Young, the Dr. Yoon Ji Hoon-wannabe – because it’s too awkward.

Woo Jin arrives at her office with the case of the HanYoung Group deaths on her table. She goes to the crime scene where the “jumper” died and is joined by Yi Han, who suspects something more than suicide is on the table. Woo Jin is annoyed though – did he volunteer to take this case because, just out of curiosity – does he like her?!

Yi Han: Yup!

Kaedejun: So cute.

Woo Jin: O_O

Yi Han: Gosh, you’re so naive. Do you really believe me?

Kaedejun: Yup!

Yi Han: I was joking.

Woo Jin wants to send him away, back to Seoul, so Yi Han automatically takes out his phone and says, “Hey dad! Prosecutor Jung wants me to go back to Seoul!” Of course, that annoys her and she hangs up for him, telling him to stop bringing his father into every single matter. They then head over to NFS Eastern Branch to observe the autopsy of the “jumper.”

Ji Hoon and Da Kyung are the examiners, and when Da Kyung and Yi Han see each other, they greet each other with much affection and with hugs. Woo Jin looks miffed, so Yi Han smiles cheekily at Woo Jin and points to Da Kyung saying, “She’s a friend…”

Ji Hoon allows Da Kyung to take over the autopsy. Ji Hoon observes and offers guidelines on what to check in the case of a fall. After the autopsy is done, Woo Jin shows them pictures of the other victims, and tells them it’s possible all the deaths are related. Da Kyung wants to see the crime scene first, and then asks where the victims all worked. Woo Jin says with some hesitancy that it’s HanYoung Group, and with that, Ji Hoon excuses himself.

He goes to visit his father’s ashes. His father had worked at HanYoung Group when his body was found at the bottom of a cliff. Though it had appeared to be suicide, the young Ji Hoon was adamant that it was not. That was when the two first met. Byung Do allows Ji Hoon to see his father’s body after the autopsy is done and tells him that his father wanted to live. It’s meant to be comforting, but in a way it suggests that Byung Do didn’t think the father committed suicide.

Ji Hoon calls up Byung Do to ask if anything strange had come up during his father’s autopsy. Byung Do is troubled, even though Ji Hoon is only asking to see if there’s a relation with the current deaths and HanYoung. He’s asking innocently, but Byung Do says there was nothing strange.

Woo Jin goes through Kim Gyu Chul’s belongings and notices that on the day he died, he had a meeting with the company president, Jung Cha Young. Da Kyung accompanies Yi Han to review the footage and interrogate witnesses. They meet with a colleague of the victim, who’s also pregnant and going through morning sickness. She notes the rumor that the late president’s spirit (Jung Cha Young’s father) is killing the three men. A similar case had happened 20 years ago where some shareholders who opposed the former president all died one after another. Now when the son took over, some shareholders were displeased thinking that his position was illegitimate – and the whole thing is happening all over again. The three men who died were on especially bad terms with the guy… and as Woo Jin investigates, all three men had meetings with Jung Cha Young the day they died.

The colleague herself thinks Jung Cha Young is a scumbag, but she excuses herself from speaking further because the pregnancy sickness is especially painful. They belatedly realize that she left her planner behind, and so they go after her. However, when they reach the floor where she works, they see her collapsed body in the elevator she took. Han Tae Joo and her baby are dead.

It becomes a crime scene and they investigate to see if anyone could have killed her in the elevator. She did have a meeting with Jung Cha Young that day too. Da Kyung is wracked with guilt as another person died right in front of her. Ji Hoon’s advice is for her to go over all the evidence carefully. He offers to take over the case, but she refuses.

Ji Hoon instead goes to the NFS records to try and dig up his father’s autopsy and the case 20 years ago. But Myung Han catches him, and tells him not to dig any deeper – “for the sake of [him] and NFS…some secrets aren’t meant to be exposed.” Well of course that would stop a person to stop digging.

Da Kyung runs into Sook Joo looking at everyone’s watches again and asks what exactly she’s looking for. Sook Joo describes the watch with a blue face, and Da Kyung realizes she’s seen it before in the public sinks… and it belonged to Dr. Joo. She also finds out about the television program that talked about employees dying off in ‘Company H’ twenty years ago, and ties that back to what Han Tae Joo had said. Da Kyung takes in all the information and doesn’t breathe a word to Sook Joo about the watch.

Attorney Jang is quick though – he’s already looked into the identity of the squawker and found out it was Dr. Joo. Myung Han won’t punish Dr. Joo, so he merely says that the case 20 years ago “never happened.” One wonders what he did with the file…

Woo Jin gives Yi Han an assignment and then tells him not to do anything rash. Like, meet Jung Cha Young for instance. Yi Han says he won’t do it – of course! – but next thing you know he’s outside of Jung’s office, asking to be let in. He sees an employee exiting the office with a bloody gash on his head, and the secretary outside can’t help but gasp. Hmm… Then the President comes out looking like a goon and says to fire the guards – they shouldn’t just let “anyone” in. Yi Han stops him and notes that a fight just might have happened behind those doors. Jung Cha Young’s response? He throws money at Yi Han’s face.

That just infuriates Yi Han, and he goes ranting at Woo Jin about how Jung is the murderer (even though they have no proof). Woo Jin is all, “I told you not to do anything stupid!” They wonder if they can get him on fraudulent accounting, noting that it happened 20 years ago with the former president. They just need to look at the old case files…

Da Kyung visits Dr. Joo at his new gig – a professor at a university. Turns out Dr. Joo did the interview to show Ji Hoon that Byung Do is not as pure as he may think. He’s also the one who sent him the newspaper clippings. The answers all lie with Jung Byung Do.

Ji Hoon goes to the records hall to look into his father’s autopsy report. At the same time Woo Jin found the reports of the victims from 20 years past. All of their autopsies were performed by Jung Byung Do. HRMM…

Ji Hoon rushes over to Byung Do’s home for a “talk.” Da Kyung is on her way there herself, intrigued by Dr. Joo’s statement about Byung Do’s secrets. And if that weren’t enough, Yi Han and Woo Jin are also going over to find out what Byung Do knows about Ji Hoon’s father’s death.

But guess who gets there first?! It’s Myung Han. He has a favor to ask, and it might be difficult to carry out…

It’s evening, and Da Kyung reaches the house first. The house is dark and she enters after announcing herself. He’s nowhere in the usual rooms. Ji Hoon arrives at the same time as Woo Jin and Yi Han, and they rush in. Da Kyung is the first one to find Byung Do – in Ji Hoon’s old room, hanging by his neck.

Ji Hoon sees Da Kyung and the body, and immediately he tries to undo the cloth rope while Yi Han supports the old man up. Woo Jin calls for an ambulance, and all the while everyone is screaming in grief – Byung Do can’t die! He has all the answers! Nooo!

But Byung Do is dead, hanging right underneath Ji Hoon’s engraved words on the rafters: “We solely aspire for scientific truth” – the motto of NFS.


One thought on “Sign: Episode 11

  1. Blushing

    Thank you, Kaedejun. For writing the review and dedicating it to me – you go, girl! 😀

    Although I won’t be watching the drama (heck, I read the last episode’s spoilers which were so meh to me that I was convinced to drop it), I’m interested in seeing the development. 😉

    And yes, I did manage to see ep 17 (raw) with the “bridge” scene – how come JKW’s latest love interests were so NOT into skinship? Seriously? I’d be all over him, well, in a Korean way, that is. Or maybe not. ^^

    Hopefully it’ll be different with Sung Yuri in Maids – I just happened to see that article on DB (at work) and squeeled. ^^

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