News Bits: 3/17/11 Edition

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Now that’s as green as I’m gonna get. šŸ˜€

Doesn’t Younha look like Moon Geun Young in the above photo?!

  • Want to know how fast news changes? I was just reading that there would be a possibility that Dream High will get a second season, set to air in the latter half of next year. However, next thing I know, I read that it’s beenĀ confirmed!Ā There’s no word that the old cast will come back. (I highly doubt it based on how it ended, but that’s not to stop them from making cameo appearances!) However they are figuring out what is the best way to cast the next crop of students that aim to become big stars.
  • BUT ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR! Thanks to Dream High (I bet), Wooyoung from 2PMdoesn’t seem ready to let go of IU just yet. During her guest stint on the radio program “Lee Soo Young’s Music Show,” Wooyoung called in pretending to be an aspiring singer from Busan and a big fan of hers. He put all his acting skills to the test to disguise his voice, and then asked if he could serenade IU. He then sang “Again and Again” (a 2PM song) with his normal voice, thus confusing IU and making her think that this “aspiring singer” only sounded exactly like Wooyoung. It was only when Wooyoung admitted to his identity that she was super shocked and embarrassed. They haven’t been in touch due to 2PM promotions, but Wooyoung practically confessed his love for her by saying, “[My ideal type of girl] just happened to have changed.” Well hells yeah!
  • SingerĀ Younha‘s acting debut is about to be seen by the world in April. Her film, “Life is Beautiful” is about a former baseball player (played by Ryu Seung Beom) who becomes an insurance agent, and an aspiring singer who never makes it past the auditions. Younha identified with the character, stating during the press conference that she failed about 20 times in auditions before she finally made her debut. Here’s to hoping that her film does well!
  • Birdie Buddy may not go on air for a while (or ever), but the producers have decided to release a trailer of the drama to keep up the interest. I feel really bad for this drama. Oddly enough, my interest in it grew once I found out that it didn’t have a broadcaster. I wanted to know, “Is it bad?” “Is it good?” “Why won’t anyone pick this drama up?” The trailer is to be released on March 18, which is today in Korea time, or tomorrow for us.
  • Anyone interested in the Telecinema drama/movie series? I wanted to watch “19” after I found out T.O.P. was in it – all because of his roles in “Into the Fire” and IRIS. DramaFever released “The Relation of Face, Mind, and Love” today, starring Lee Ji Ah and Kang Ji Hwan.
  • So it’s been confirmed that Micky Yoochun, Lee Da Hae, Kim Seung Woo, and Kang Hye Jung will partake in a drama together, titled Goodbye Miss Ripley. The most interesting thing about it is the storyline, which is based off the real life scandal of fraudulent professor Shin Jeong Ah. Now the drama title makes sense too, because it’s a play on the Matt Damon/Jude Law/Gwyneth Paltrow film “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” where Matt Damon follows and then becomes Jude Law’s character in a thriller-esque kind of way. In this case, it would be Lee Da Hae pretending to be someone she isn’t.

The screenplay is supposedly inspired by the scandal, as Lee Da Hae’s character is described as someone lost her family when she was young, adopted and raised in a miserable family, and seeks her revenge. It also takes place in the “hotel world” where both Yoochun and Kim Seung Woo fall in love with her. Now that synopsis sounds like EVERY OTHER FREAKIN’ KDRAMA, which makes me REALLY WISH they just made it into a biopic – fictionalized of course. If this were the States, there would have already been a Lifetime movie and a miniseries on this person already. The only similarity it has so far to the original scandal is that Lee Da Hae’s character forged her academic credentials.

source: dramabeans, allkpop, asianfanatics, asiae, dramafever


3 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/17/11 Edition

  1. Isn’t it Knag Hye Jang and not Kim Hye Soo in the drama?…also it’s gogin to be in the “hotel world”…..shucks…i was hoping it would be the art scene like in the real story

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