Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee Style It Up

Paradise Ranch ended this week, and while the acting was over-the-top, borderline atrocious (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit), Lee Yeon Hee and Changmin manage to look very pretty for this photo shoot in High Cut magazine. OK, more than pretty – they’re stylin’. I wish Changmin’s character on Paradise Ranch looked as cool as he did in the photo shoot.

In my honest opinion though, their acting skill level shows through in this photo shoot. While Changmin has a similar expression in each photo, Lee Yeon Hee has more attitude. I like. She needs a better role.

source: allkpop


One thought on “Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee Style It Up

  1. …but I actually thought Changmin’s acting was better in Paradise Ranch than Lee Yeon-hee’s. But maybe it was the way her character was written (I didn’t really like or identify with her at all, but thought that Changmin’s character had better characterization).

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