News Bits: 3/16/11 Edition

Sigh* Sign – best drama crack for me this past two months. It unexpectedly won over me, and finally I saw the last two episodes. But never fear! Jung Gyu Woon will now star in the drama Maids alongside Sung Yuri (“for sure, for sure” now) and honestly, I can’t say that I’m happy. I mean, I’m happy (Jung Gyu Woon on TV!) but I’m not (with Sung Yuri…). The drama will air after Thorn Birds starting May 11.

  • Jang Nara is making her drama comeback after six years. The drama is called Baby Faced Beauty (or Youthful Beauty) and she will costar with Daniel Choi (“Cyrano Agency”). The series will air on KBS starting May 2, and is about Lee So Young (Jung), who wishes to be a designer but works at a textile factory. Choi’s character is a chaebol who moves out and works in fashion, and duh! he falls in love with Jang Nara.
  • Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Kim Hye Soo are all starring in a new film called “Thieves,” which is said to be Korea’s version of “Ocean’s Eleven.” Well – one thing they got right was get big stars; the trio is joined by Kim Yoon Seok, Oh Dal Soo, and Kim Hae Sook. The names are ridiculous though, and I’m hoping it’s something “lost in translation”: Lee Jung Jae plays master thief Popeye, Kim Yoon Suk is his rival Macao Park, Kim Hye Soo is master safe-cracker Pepsi, and Kim Hae Sook and Jeon Ji Hyun are a mother-daughter thief-duo. Oh Dal Soo is the Chinese thief Andrew. The story is about a heist in Macao that has Chinese and Korean thieves teaming up to steal a really expensive diamond.
  • Now here’s some real life CSI for you – or as Korea would have it, NFS. Jung Ja Yeon was an actress who committed suicide back in 2009 after being sexually abused. Someone named Jun produced a bunch of long handwritten letterssupposedly written by the actress,stating that she had actually been forced to “host” (read: give sexual favors) to 31 men over 100 times. Of course, that exploded into a big scandal because the names listed were of high-profile, powerful men. Just recently, the NFS concluded after investigation that the letters were all fabricated Jun, and so now the scandal has been laid to rest. Unless! Someone in NFS is covering up for the powerful men involved! Ack!

source: asiae, dramabeans, allkpop


5 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/16/11 Edition

  1. – Will you post more Sign recaps then? Gotta say that I was pleased not to read any “my” before Jung Gyu Woon‘s name. Bwahaha.

    – Impressive Korea’s Ocean’s eleven cast — looking forward to seeing the Il Mare couple yet again. Although I wouldn’t mind Lee Mi Sook instead – such an unforgettable affair.

    – Did you get to see Cha Seung Won‘s latest CF? Hawt, hawt, hawt water comin’ thru. ^^

    • BWAHAHA – you know what cracked me up more denali? that you posted your comments as bullet points – so that i would have to follow your directions and thoughts exactly. 😀

      • Bwahaha, again. 😀

        Yet my bullet points weren’t quite well-targeted because I didn’t get any answer to my questions. ^^

  2. I bet this was fabricated cause if they were innocent why they were afraid and why did she commit suicide just another cheap cover up for criminals

  3. loving the cast of Theives too….i’d like to think that the names are like codenames for their characters rather than real ones…also Kim Hae Sook and Jein Ji Hyun as a mother daughter duo??….i like!

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