She’s Just Not That Into You!

OK – I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time. A looooong time. I thought about it, and stewed over it, and thought about it some more. And then I slept on it. And then finally, I got ticked off enough to write it.

A good number of weeks ago I posted about StillNotDavid’s Youtube video about girls – or what he thinks about girls. Now here’s my list.

I’m sure there are videos about this. I’m sure what I think isn’t original. But I’d like to think it is. So – nyah! But I won’t make a video (showing my face?! Heck no!), so here’s my list and facts about guys. Or girls. A mix of both.

Kaedejun’s Facts:

  1. Guys are more vain than you think they are: The younger, the more vain. Hello – we’re in an era of metrosexuality and where well-dressed men are a must. It might suggest that you’re gay – but a well-dressed man can get a girl. Hence – they’ve become more vain. They need to have the hottest abs, the arm muscles, the hair, and the shoes!
  2. Guys think that when a girl says “no,” she really means, “yes”: NO! I mean, yes! I mean, NO! No, seriously – when we say, “NO!” with such anger and force, we really mean “no.” The only time our “No’s” are a “Yes” is if you’re asking us about something we really want. Like the latest iPhone. Or that necklace. Or the last bite of a cake. But if we say no to a date, we mean NO. If we’re ignoring your calls, we mean NO! Stop thinking we’re trying to play “hard to get.” Because sometimes, we really are trying to be “hard to get” – and get as far away from you!
  3. If a guy thinks of a girl as a “friend,” she’s stuck in “friend zone” for life too: it works both ways people! It’s especially true if a guy thinks of a girl as a sister, whether younger or older. He will not touch her. He will not date her. He will tease her, but he won’t do anything.
  4. Every girl wants a gay best friend: OK – this is true. But it’s just as true that a female BFF works just as well. If they’re honest with you.
  5. If a girl’s a bitch, she’s a bitch: In case you can’t tell the difference between “bitchy” and “moody,” we are moody when we’re PMS-ing, bitchy because…we’re bitches. If she snaps at you or is impatient, she’s moody. If she’s being overly judgmental and critical, she’s bitchy.
  6. Guys are complicated: You think guys are so easy with their universal language and simple minds. But nooo – guys talk about girls too (with other guys), they talk about their feelings and why they can’t get a girl, they talk about their own worries too, and they’re insecure in some ways too.
  7. Girls don’t like all “bad boys”: Umm, I know you think us girls like the bad boy, but life ain’t a K-drama, and not every “bad boy” will reform. Nice guys will always win in the end. It pays to respect. And yes, we DO like guys with a good personality.
  8. Girls will hold on to their crushes while boys move on: It’s a fact of life. Girls will hold on to it for a longer time than guys. If guys hold on to it for a really long time, then they’re REALLY interested in the girl. It’s also why girls can forgive, but they can’t forget.
  9. Girls are shallow: they may not have a universal standard of hotness, but looks matter. Everyone likes someone tall, dark and handsome. Even if the guy isn’t that tall, at least he’s taller than the girl. And we can be shallow about other girls too.
  10. No one has an idea of what they want: Girl or boy – in the end, everyone encounters this same question. And in regards to the ideal boy or girl – you never know who you end up falling for; you sometimes end up outside your “type.”

GAH! So to all the boys out there – stop thinking that girls are impossible to comprehend; there are a good number who are as straightforward as they get! And stop thinking that guys are simple; they’re people and think the same way as girls do! We just all have a different language. 😀

I’m sure what I say isn’t applicable to all girls so I welcome any additions, amendments, and outright denials of my ten facts!

Until then, I shall go back to my wonderful world of Dramas.


One thought on “She’s Just Not That Into You!

  1. Did I tell you recently that I love you? I’m sure I have but ahhhhh I heart you, my friend! Especially for writing this much-needed post that both guys & girls need to read!

    I loved all of these insights. Hahaha. So awesome. And yeah, both genders are so complicated. Le sigh.

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