News Bits: 3/14/11 Edition

Waha! The duet! Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon finally had their duet on the Toronto stage the past weekend. I think it’s awesome that they sang “Born This Way” together – and cute that Maria sat on Lady Gaga’s lap. A little weird that she sat on underwear-clad Lady Gaga though.

  • KARA’s Goo Hara will join the cast of City Hunter as the president’s daughter. DSP Entertainment said that it was to make up for the group’s lack of activities in Korea (har har). I’m not sure if the “president’s daughter” role is a permanent one (where she will absolutely appear in every episode as a…potential love rival!?) or if it’s more like a recurring one.
  • Check out the poster of “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” – to me, it’s really…red. As if I am already not thinking about “Joy Luck Club,” “Raise the Red Lantern” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” all at once. The trailer is below, and it looks like Jun Ji Hyun is speaking…Chinese?! I don’t know if I like the whole interwoven-generational story device; I liked the story as is, and I don’t particularly care about the “modern” generation.

    • Seo Shin Ae is going for the big stage! She’s starring in the musical “Aladdin” alongside ZE:A’s Dong Joon (who will be Aladdin). I highly doubt Seo is going to be Jasmine, and if she is – that’s. just. wrong. The musical will play from April 28th to May 5th. (I just realized that the musicals in Korea have pretty short runs…)
    • Yoon Eun Hye officially left the production of Love Song, which had stalled ever since the death of Park Yong Ha. That also frees her up for Sweet Scandal and she did say, “I think I’ll be able to greet you all [in a drama] in May or June.” Helloooooooooooooooooo?! She’s TOTALLY gonna be in the drama now. But I’m onboard if it’s Park Shi Hoo as her leading man, because for some really weird reason, I can’t imagine him having chemistry with her, and yet he always manages to impress me. I didn’t think he’d have chemistry with Kim Nam Joo and I was so proven wrong.
    • Colin Firth! Colin Firth! It’s all about him lately, ever since he won an Oscar for Best Actor a few weeks ago. And now, his next project will be in Park Chan Wook’s “Stoker”, a film written by Wentworth Miller and also starring Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland). He will play the vampire in this melodrama, who then approaches a widow and her daughter pretending to be the uncle after the father dies. It’s not so much a bloody vampire story as it is a “sad love story,” but I’d love to see some vampire teeth on Firth. Hopefully he can rock them really well without looking cheesy. And this is great for Park as well because this means that he’s going really mainstream in Hollywood.
    • Now there’s a new video by a UCLA student who is blonde, and big chested. And she just basically ranted about the Asian students in her school who talk loudly in the library and have their parents/family come to the dorms on weekends and cook for them. And it’s being touted as a racist video. Is it sad that I don’t think it’s racist? I think she comes from a good place (I’m annoyed at noise in the library too), but just doesn’t present herself in a good way. First off – if you dress the way you do, who’s gonna take you seriously? And secondly, her choice of words aren’t very forgiving (especially when she imitates the Asian language).

    However, I get that she’s complaining more about the noise in the library than she is about Asians per se. (The parents coming into the dorms though? That’s so Asian – and actually really hilarious. I can totally see my family doing that to me and I would have died of embarrassment first before letting some other girl complain about me.) There was a rebuttal by an Asian student to her video, which in my honest opinion, was actually a LOT MORE retarded than the original video. If you want to make a point, make it a good one, while spoofing the girl’s. Don’t just make fun of her chest; she made some general comments about Asian people, so why don’t you make some overly generalized racist comment about white people?

    There is a more intelligent response to the “racist” video, that I think is super P.C. and frankly, kinda boring. (Is it bad that I like commentaries that are mocking, sarcastic, and smart?)

    source: aatheory, popseoul, asiae, allkpop, dramabeans, urlesque, youtube


    One thought on “News Bits: 3/14/11 Edition

    1. “A little weird that she sat on underwear-clad Lady Gaga though.”….a little?…i wonder how her parents thought about that?

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