Korean Rock and Roll Documentary Featured on DramaFever

So DramaFever is no longer just a place for dramas. Now it’s got movies! Well – they had movies and documentaries before (i.e. Cultural Trilogy series, Tears of the Amazon, and some reality shows like After Love), but now they’re getting boatloads of them.

First up is the rock and roll documentary series called “Turn it Up to 11,” which is a gritty – and I mean gritty – documentary about the indie rock bands currently active in Korea: Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, and Tobacco Juice. The documentary is even directed by the drummer of Tobacco Juice, Baek Seung Hwa. It’s a documentary not for the faint of heart, as expletives abound and it’s a close look at how (self-)destructive these band members can be. It’s hard core, and yet it’s not depressing; Apollo 18 emerged as a success story by winning the “Newcomer of the Year” award at the Korean Music Awards, and will even be performing at SXSW in Texas this year. In addition, Galaxy Express ends up getting booked in prestigious rock festivals and won the “Musician of the Year” award at the Korean Music awards. These two bands will be going on their first North American tour, SeoulSonic 2011, too. I haven’t personally watched this documentary, but based on the reviews – it looks good.

Next up are the movies through Telecinema. They were done a couple of years ago, and people may have forgotten about them now… They were all Korean and Japanese joint productions and were released as both movies and television dramas (a one-off kind of special drama) in Japan and Korea. Some popular ones are Heaven’s Postman with Han Hyo Joo and Hero Jaejoong; 19 with Huh Yi Jae (Goong S) and Big Bang members T.O.P. and Seungri; and The Relation of Face, Mind, and Love with Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Ji Ah. For Heaven’s Postman, think “Il Mare” mixed with the upcoming 49 Days. For 19, I think there was another story very similar to it, but it’s about three teens who commit a crime and get away with it for many years. And as for The Relation… think “Shallow Hal,” but they don’t give Lee Ji Ah a fat suit. And Kang Ji Hwan is way hotter than Jack Black.

There are more films available, but it’s coming out this week and will be a “7 Movies in 7 Weeks” sort of deal.

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One thought on “Korean Rock and Roll Documentary Featured on DramaFever

  1. I watched all of Turn It Up to 11 – was Apollo 18 really in it? I thought it was just Galaxy Express and Tobacco Juice. Maybe I just wasn’t really paying attention.

    The Ruby Salon label has one of my favorite indie bands of all time, The Black Skirts. I love their song Tangled.

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