News Bits: 3/10/11 Edition

Well Lee Ji Ah may not have gotten her guy in Athena, but she might have in real life! She was spotted going on a date with Jung Woo Sung in Paris, strolling on the Champs-Elysees. Funny thing is, there’s so many details about their little rendezvous (both traveling on the same plane to Paris in different seating classes) and their respective agencies even stated that neither had photoshoot or CF commitments in Paris. That only adds fuel to the fire that they were on a date.

We’ll see if it’s true. I actually don’t mind Lee Ji Ah as much now. She’s quite funny in the film “The Relation of Face Mind and Love” – a Telecinema film from a few years ago that will premiere on DramaFever next week.

  • I didn’t know that Lee Yeon Hee and Hyun Bin had shared the screen in the film “A Millionaire’s First Love.” Now they reunited (presumably before his entry into the marines) for a CF for Hite beer. Kinda cute seeing Hyun Bin laugh his butt off, and refreshing to see Lee Yeon Hee not overact her cuteness like she does in Paradise Ranch.
  • Rumor has it that Alex Chu of Clazziquai and the drama Pasta is dating someone, identified as “Miss A” and supposedly from the drama. No idea who’d she be, but his representatives say that the girl is just a dongsaeng. We’ll see in a few months – either this rumor becomes reality because he announces a pregnancy and wedding (in that order), or the rumor disappears.
  • But this is not a rumor – Go Soo has a girlfriend! And she’s a college art student. (Read: she’s a normal person and so paparazzi should stay far away from her.) They met years ago but only recently started dating. Well good for him!
  • Sign just ended! No spoilers please, although this article talking about its ratings has some. (I skimmed over it completely and didn’t read the spoiler carefully, which means I still don’t know what happened.) But it ended with 21% on TNS Ratings chart, and 25.4% on AGB, which is a record for the drama since it finally broke 20% on both ratings chart. Woohoo!


source: allkpop, asiae, popseoul


4 thoughts on “News Bits: 3/10/11 Edition

  1. Alex just confirmed…. :)…lol…i think he just stole Go Soo’s thunder…..with all this and the HB/ SHK split this has been helluva week for the celebrity dating rumor mill

  2. Yeah in Paradise ranch she does overdo her cute acts a bit… but not so annoying… but here on the CF she is so natural and also her hair is decent. I mean why they can’t leave her hair alone in Paradise ranch? To live on country means = ugly and not wash your hair? Really show?

    Btw, I watched sign ep. 20 raw and OMG.

    I’m happy the episode got good ratings, really tempted to say more but you didn’t watch so I’ll stop^^

    Thanks for the news! Kisses.

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